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Chill with Confidence: The Gree Nevada Series 340 Refrigerator Review

I'm thrilled to share my experience with the Gree Nevada Series 340 Refrigerator, an electronic product I can trust for quality and performance. With its stylish design, plenty of storage capacity, and unique features.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Feb 22, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

69,500.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Not as energy efficient as other models
  • Not suitable for large families
  • No smart features

I understand how important it is to have a reliable refrigerator that fits your daily life. With so many different refrigerators available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. I’m excited to share my experience with the Gree Nevada Series Refrigerator 340, a model that has truly exceeded my expectations.

This fridge has significantly impacted my daily routine, from its spacious design to its energy-efficient cooling system. With ample room for all my groceries and a sleek, modern design that complements my kitchen, the Gree Nevada Series 340 has become a reliable and essential part of my daily life.

In this review, I’d like to share my experience and explain how this refrigerator has fulfilled my needs.

Vibrant Design

When choosing a fridge, it’s crucial to consider functionality and design. That’s why I am thrilled to share my thoughts on the Gree refrigerator’s vibrant design, which will surely catch your eye! The Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) finish and range of colors are nothing short of amazing, and I love how this fridge adds a pop of personality to my kitchen. I can vouch for Gree’s reputation for creating high-quality appliances built to last.

Another design feature that stands out is the door type. The easy-to-open door makes it a breeze to access my favorite snacks and drinks. Plus, the door lock feature provides an extra layer of security when I’m not at home, giving me peace of mind.

340 Liters Capacity

When I was looking for a new fridge, I was worried about finding one that could handle my family’s needs and also be great for hosting gatherings. But this fridge exceeded my expectations!

With 340 liters of net capacity, this fridge has plenty of room to store all of my family’s groceries and still has room to spare for party food and drinks. The freezer compartment has 102 liters of storage, and the refrigerator has 210 liters of capacity. That’s enough space to fit everything I need without overcrowding my kitchen.

The removable storage bins are a game-changer! I can easily organize my food items and customize the fridge’s interior layout to fit my family’s needs. Plus, cleaning is a breeze since I can remove the bins easily. I’ve looked at different brands, but they could only match the Gree Nevada Series 340’s capacity and flexibility. 

Packed with Amazing Features

Let me tell you about the great refrigerator in the market. Not only is the Gree Nevada Series 340 the best refrigerator out there, but it also has many unique features that make it stand out from the rest.

One of my favorite features is the wide-range temperature-changing technology that keeps my food fresh for longer. And let’s be honest. Nobody likes stale food. Plus, the Gree refrigerators are specially designed for the Pakistani climate, so I can be sure they will last even in the hottest and driest conditions.

Another great feature is its world-renowned European compressor SECOP, which makes this fridge work like a charm. It’s super quiet, so I won’t even notice it’s running, and it’s energy-efficient so that I can save money on my electricity bills.

Stand Out Performance

One thing that stands out to me about this electronic product is its energy efficiency. I’m always conscious of my carbon footprint and the impact my choices have on the environment, so my appliances must be as eco-friendly as possible. With its advanced cooling technology and SECOP compressor, my Gree Nevada Series 340 fridge uses less energy than other refrigerators of a different brand.

Another great feature of this fridge is its durability. It’s built to last, which is essential because I don’t want to replace appliances every few years. It’s made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, which gives me confidence that it will serve me well for many years.

Factors to Look for Before Buying this Product

The Gree Nevada Series 340 has a capacity of 340 liters, which is perfect for small to medium-sized families. However, suppose you have a large family or like to buy bulk. In that case, consider a refrigerator with a larger capacity like the Gree Everest Textured 9978 Refrigerator.


Best For:
Temperature Changing Technology

Food Preservation

About the Brand:
Gree is a leading tech company manufacturing kitchen and home appliances. It is considered one of the most premium brands.

Final Verdict

Are you in the market for a new refrigerator? If so, let me tell you about the Gree Nevada Series 340! As someone who is all into  performance and style, this electronic product ticks all the boxes.

Not only does this fridge look great, but it also performs well. Its cooling system keeps perishables fresh, and I can store my food for days without any worries. Plus, with its energy-efficient cooling and advanced European compressor, I can enjoy a quiet and reliable fridge while keeping my energy bills low.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable and stylish fridge for their home! Check out Savyour today to browse a variety of refrigerators from top-notch brands and find the perfect one for you.


Weight 59 kg
Voltage 125 Low Voltage
Capacity 340 Liters
Door Type VCM Door
Number of Doors Two Door
Door Handle Not Specified
Freezer Type Top-mounted
Warranty 5 Years
Color Gray

At a Glance:










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