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Be Beach-Ready with Groove by Sapphire this Season

Groove by Sapphire is an incredible body mist, perfect for a beach getaway. Its refreshing scent and frosty blue bottle make it the ideal accessory to have while exploring the coast! With this, be ready to take on any summer adventure!

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Feb 08, 2023

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1,190.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • It doesn't last very long.

Step into a new summer vibe!

It was the perfect day for a trip to sandspit; there wasn’t a cloud in sight, and the sun shone brightly. I had been looking forward to this getaway all week, so when I finally arrived at our hut and stared at the vast sea, I couldn’t contain my excitement. 

As soon as my feet hit the sand, I felt energized. I had a wonderful morning playing volleyball and taking leisurely dips in the ocean waters. When I was done, I took a refreshing shower to wash away all the salt water and sand from my body. After drying off, I applied my favorite body mist, Groove by Sapphire, which passed away all my laziness.

Feel Energized by this Citrus-Fruity Scent

When I sprayed the Groove, it mixed with the wind and graced my nose. I experienced an alluring scent that encapsulated my senses.

Its top notes of lemon and lime provided a refreshing start to my day, like the first sip of warm tea after an invigorating walk on the sand.

Its heart notes of coconut, white flowers, vanilla, and guaiac wood created a tropical and sweet atmosphere like the ocean breeze! 

Finally, white musk and amber’s base notes lingered on my skin, leaving me feeling surrounded by tropical luxe all afternoon. It was the best accessory for my beachy escape!

Capturing the Essence of Sea in a Bottle

Groove’s bottle is a vibe on its own. The frosty blue bottle screams summer and fun! Holding it was a soft, chilly sensation that made me want to step onto a beach full of possibilities.

As we looked around, the burning sun lit the horizon. I spread my arms wide, feeling the wind wrap around me. Feeling alive and fresh, ready for my next adventure!

Fast Facts


How to Apply
To prolong this fragrance, spray Groove by Sapphire all over the body straight out of a shower. Apply a body butter that complements your skin for better lasting power before using the mist.

Best for

About the Brand
Sapphire Fragrances were launched in 2020. Their fragrances are handmade in Spain with the highest quality ingredients.

Citrus Fruity.

Top Notes
Lemon, Lime.

Heart Notes
Coconut, White Flowers, Vanilla, Guaiac Wood.

Base Notes
White Musk, Amber.

Ending Note

This particular product was just what I needed, as it gave me an instant burst of freshness throughout the rest of my time at the beach.

Not only did it keep me feeling clean and refreshed, but its citrusy, fruity scent also made me feel extra confident while strutting around the sea. 

All-in-all, this Groove by Sapphire is a body mist worth trying if you’re ever going out on a sunny day adventure! So don’t wait and get your own now!

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