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Haier’s Normal Wash: Laundry Made Simple

Haier's Normal Wash sets the stage for a symphony of cleanliness. With meticulous care, it gently dances through your laundry, removing stubborn stains and leaving garments refreshed. It harmonizes convenience with immaculate results.

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Updated Aug 15, 2023

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Starting From

80,240.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • No Auto Restart

You’ve got a mountainous pile of clothes that’s grown taller than the Empire State Building, and you’re desperately seeking a hero to tame the laundry beast! Enter the Haier Normal Wash, the all-in-one washing solution with washing and drying options that’s here to save the day! A lone warrior sets out on a laundry quest, armed with the Haier Normal Wash’s powerful features, ready to conquer the stains, obliterate the dirt, and emerge victorious with fresh, clean clothes.

In this thrilling review, we’ll embark on a journey through laundry wonder. Leading you through the enchanted lands of Price, Design and Build, Features and Performance, and Capacity (KGs). The laundry day doldrums are about to become a thing of the past as we embrace the storm and dance with the magic of the Haier Normal Wash!

Best Haier Normal Washer in Pakistan

  1. HWM 80-118 (Red & Blue) – Unparalleled anti-bacterial wash, ensuring utmost hygiene and cleanliness.
  2. HWM 85-7288 – Washing machine with Night Wash program ensures quiet, efficient cleaning.

Design and Build – Enchanting Blend of Style

The Haier Normal Wash stands tall with its premium esthetic look, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of style and durability. From the very first glance, this washing wizard captures hearts with its striking color in a chic shade of Grey. Not only does it impress with its visual allure, but it also boasts a robust build that promises to withstand the tests of time and countless laundry cycles.

The Haier Normal Wash’s design is visually pleasing and highly intuitive. This washing machine features a sleek LED display, allowing users to a world of effortless controls and easy navigation. Say goodbye to confusing buttons and settings and hello to a seamless laundry experience with just a few taps on the LED screen.

Compared to different washing machines in the market, the Haier Normal Wash stands out as an enchanting masterpiece, combining form and function in perfect harmony. Its premium esthetic elevates the overall ambiance of any laundry room, transforming it into a space that emanates elegance and style.

Features and Performance – A Powerful Royal Flush

The extraordinary features and enchanting performance of the Haier Normal Wash are a true gem among the best washing machines. Bid farewell to the age-old problem of mildew on the gasket. Haier’s innovative AMT gasket ensures your clothes stay germ-free and fresh. Say hello to worry-free washing, knowing that your laundry will always be in safe and hygienic hands.

The Haier Normal Wash takes washing precision to a whole new level with its fuzzy logic technology. This wizardry of automation checks the extent of dirt and grease on your clothes. It intelligently determines the perfect amount of soap and water needed. It even spins in the correct direction, resulting in spotless and perfectly cleansed garments. No more guessing games or wasted resources; the Haier Normal Wash has covered everything!

The magic doesn’t end there; brace yourself for the convenience of the Memory Function and Child Lock. With the Memory Function, you can bid farewell to set up your preferences whenever you start a new wash cycle. This intelligent machine remembers your settings, making laundry a breeze. And if you have curious little ones roaming around, fret not! The Child Lock feature ensures that no mischievous hands interrupt the washing process.

Capacity (Kgs) – Laundry Loads of Power

The generous capacity of the Haier Normal Wash makes it one of the best washing machines, capable of easily handling your laundry needs. With a mighty Capacity of 8 kg, this washing marvel can tackle large loads of clothes, blankets, and even heavy fabrics without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to multiple rounds of laundry and hello to a time-efficient and hassle-free washing experience.

But that’s not all; the magic doesn’t stop with washing! The Haier Normal Wash also flaunts an impressive Drying Capacity of 8 kg. Now you can bid farewell to the struggles of drying your clothes in batches, as this powerful washing wizard ensures every garment comes out perfectly dry and ready to wear. Embrace the luxury of finishing your laundry in one go, and enjoy more free time for the things you love.

Warranty – The Ultimate Seal of Quality

Say farewell to worries and embrace a decade of tranquility with the Haier Normal Wash, a true champion among home appliances, offering an unparalleled 10-year warranty for its Motor. This extraordinary warranty removes all your fears of potential machine problems, allowing you to revel in the joy of laundry without any nagging concerns. With Haier’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the 10-year warranty for the Motor is a testament to the machine’s durability and reliability.

Final Verdict

The Haier Normal Wash is the perfect choice for every home, offering an all-in-one washing solution that ensures clean and fresh laundry with little effort. This powerful machine features a premium design, robust build, and innovative features that make washing easy and enjoyable. With its 10-year motor warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing your laundry will be in safe and reliable hands. So if you’re ready to make laundry day a breeze, choose the Haier Normal Wash for a simply enchanting washing experience! Laundry will never be the same again!

So if you’re ready to make laundry day a breeze, choose the Haier Normal Wash for a simply enchanting washing experience! Laundry will never be the same again! Looking to buy a Haier Top Load Washing Machine? AYS Online on savyour offers this product, and you can also find a variety of other electronic brands on their website. For even more savings, check out savyour and receive cashback.


Display LED
Type Normal Wash
Auto Restart No
Child Lock Yes
Spin Speed 1300 Rpm
Voltage 220
Color Grey

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