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Revolutionize Your Kitchen Experience with Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator

I'm sure you won't regret buying the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator, as it is a great home appliance that can make your kitchen experience so much easier. Explore its features and you'll be glad you did!

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Updated Feb 16, 2023

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249,900.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Small Freezer
  • Limited features
  • Higher prices

My search for the perfect refrigerator led me to try different refrigerators to find the ideal one. Luckily, I discovered the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator, which has transformed how I manage my kitchen space. The innovative design of this fridge allows me to organize my groceries efficiently, keeping everything fresh and crisp.

The adjustable temperature settings enable me to control the temperature based on my needs. At the same time, several spacious compartments help me store different food items separately so everything retains its original taste and freshness. The adjustable shelves are a bonus that allows me to store and retrieve more oversized items easily.

In this review, I’d like to share how I’ve benefited from using the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator and why it’s been a great addition to my kitchen.

T-Door Design

Regarding home appliances, the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator has taken the market by storm, and I can certainly attest to its uniqueness. The golden glass finish on this fridge is simply eye-catching, and I love how well it fits into my kitchen. It was the design that caught my eye, but it was the T-Door feature that sealed the deal for me.

Haier T-Door’s innovative design is a game-changer, allowing me to access the refrigerator and freezer compartments with one door, making my life much easier. Not only is the design great, but the build is also durable, and I don’t have to worry about it wearing out soon.

Up to 500 Capacity

I couldn’t agree more about the capacity of this Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator! With its spacious design, I can easily store all my groceries and keep them perfectly fresh for longer. I’ve compared the capacity of this fridge with different brands in the market, and trust me; it has exceeded my expectations.

The separate compartments for fresh and frozen food are also very convenient. The fridge’s 345-Litre capacity gives me ample space to store all my new items. At the same time, the 154-Litre freezer can accommodate all my frozen food items and still has some room left for extra storage. The overall Gross Capacity of 499 Liters is impressive and meets my needs. 

Plus, the additional cooling performance in both compartments ensures that all my food stays fresh for longer, making it a reliable addition to my home appliances.

Best in Town Features

As I’ve used the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator, I’m pleasantly surprised by the features that come with it. The No Frost Multi Airflow feature has helped me store my food easily, knowing that it distributes evenly, ensuring its freshness. The Smart Humidity control system has come in handy for me. I can easily adjust the humidity levels depending on what I’m storing, giving me complete control.

I’ve had the chance to use the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator for a few months now, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best refrigerators I’ve ever owned. 

The T-ABT technology is a game-changer when preserving fruits and vegetables for extended periods. This feature has saved me money and trips to the market since I can stock up without worrying about spoilage. The Twin Inverter Technology has also been a lifesaver as it’s lowered my energy bills, making it an eco-friendly option.

Finally, the Independent Dry and Humidity zone feature has kept all my food items separate, allowing me to adjust the temperature of each compartment according to what I store.

T-Shape Performance

Additionally, the refrigerator has an A+ energy efficiency rating, which means it’s eco-friendly and can help reduce my electricity bills. I’m delighted with the T-ABT technology, which ensures that all my fruits and vegetables remain fresh for extended periods, even after several days.

Furthermore, the fridge’s Multi-Air Flow technology ensures that all my food is equally cooled, maintaining its freshness and preventing bacterial growth. This feature is beneficial when I store fresh items such as meat, fish, and vegetables. I also love the Express Freezing feature; it rapidly freezes things, which is ideal for electronic items that need to be frozen quickly.

Factors to Look for Before Buying this Product

As someone who has used the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator, I suggest keeping a few things in mind before making a purchase. First and foremost, it’s essential to consider the size of your family and the amount of food you typically store. While this fridge is perfect for me, its 345-liter refrigerator and 154-liter freezer may not be the best choice for a more prominent family.


Best For:

Food Preservation

About the Brand:
Haier is a leading tech company manufacturing kitchen and home appliances. It is considered one of the most premium brands.

Final Verdict

The Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator is an excellent option for a reliable and efficient fridge. After using it for a few months, I can attest to its superb performance, from the No Frost Multi Airflow to the Independent Dry and Humidity zone feature. However, this fridge has a smaller capacity, so it might not be suitable for larger families.

I’m thoroughly impressed with the Haier T-Door HRF-678TGG Refrigerator’s performance and features, and it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a new fridge. Plus, you can buy it online from EEZEPC through Savyour to get some cashback. In my experience, it’s the perfect addition to my kitchen and has exceeded my expectations. So, visit Savyour to get some cashback and try this fridge!


Weight 114 kg
Voltage 252V
Capacity 499 Liters
Door Type Glass Door
Number of Doors Multi-door
Door Handle Not Specified
Freezer Type Bottom-mounted
Warranty 10 Years
Color Golden Glass

At a Glance: