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Hunt Down: A Review of Hyder’s

Hyder's is the desi restaurant that lives up to its name as the king of the jungle. Prices are affordable, so you can enjoy top-notch food without breaking the bank. The service and ambience are also excellent, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for all guests.

Updated Mar 14, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Limited menu options
  • Long wait times for food

Lions are known for their ferocity, power, and majesty. But can the same be said for Hyder’s, the desi restaurant named after the king of the jungle? 

As a food blogger, I set out to discover if Hyder’s lives up to its name or if it’s just a meek kitten pretending to be a roaring lion. 

I sharpened my fork and prepared to take on their menu like a hunter. Join me on this culinary adventure as I dig my claws into Hyder’s and see if it truly reigns as the king of the restaurant jungle.

Taste: Dine like a Lion

In the mood for juicy kebabs and spicy tikkas? Hyder’s the one for you!

As I sank my teeth into the Bihari Tikka at Hyder’s, I felt like a gust of fragrant spice, and the smoky flavor had whisked me away to the back alleys of Lahore. 

The succulent meat left my taste buds dancing in delight! Every mouthful sent me on a compelling journey through unimaginable flavors; it was simply magical. 

So good, even refraining from licking the plate clean seemed impossible! And don’t even get me started on the Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll. 

It was like a love triangle between my taste buds, stomach, and heart – I just couldn’t get enough! The chicken was juicy, the mayo was creamy, and the garlic was the perfect amount of zing. It was so good I even considered proposing to it on the spot.

Each bite was a heavenly blend that left me purring with satisfaction. 

Price: Purrrfection at its Finest

The prices at Hyder’s are pretty reasonable; the Bihari Tikka was PKR 350, while the Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll was PKR 190. They offer a good serving size, so you don’t have to worry about leaving hungry. Overall, Hyder’s proves that top-notch food doesn’t have to come at a cost.

Service: Roaring

The service at Hyder’s was exceptional. The staff was friendly and professional, ensuring I felt welcomed and comfortable. They even checked in on me throughout my meal to ensure that everything was satisfactory. 

Ambience: Majestic

The ambience of Hyder’s was delightful. I expected a typical restaurant setup, but I was pleasantly surprised that they have a space for the family upstairs. The area is tastefully decorated with elegant furniture and warm lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

Hygiene is also excellent; the restaurant is spotlessly clean, ensuring the experience is perfect for all guests. 

The air-conditioned hall is a bonus, making it easy to stay cool and comfortable during the summer.

Honorable Mentions: A Savannah of Flavor

Ah, the Chicken Tikka Biryani at Hyder’s! The fragrant rice was perfect, each grain infused with spices, making my taste buds dance joyfully. 

And the chicken tikka? Oh my goodness, divine. Its succulent texture and smoky char tantalized my taste buds like little bites of heavenly delight. 

One bite left me wanting more – so aromatic, juicy, tender, and full-bodied in flavor!

Final Verdict

I have to say, Hyder’s lives up to its name! If you have a taste for good food, Hyder’s is sure to satisfy your desires. 

Roar at the top of your lungs, and treat yourself to a meal fit for a king!

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