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A Subzero Safari: A Review of Ice Berg

Ice Berg offers a frosty escape from the daily grind. While the prices can be daunting at first glance, each scoop is a tantalizing treat that’s sure to make even the most discerning ice cream fanatics smile with delight.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

You can call me a foodie adventurer, blazing a trail through the culinary wilderness of Pakistani food, Fast Food, Chinese delicacies, Continental delights, and the wonderful realm of beverages. Just so you don't have to!

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Updated Aug 04, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The hefty price tag associated with the products
  • Lack of proper seating area for customers
  • Limited availability

When it comes to ice cream, I thought I had it all figured out. It’s my ultimate weakness; it’s the sweet treat I can never say no to. A scoop, a cone, or a sundae, you name it, and I’m there with my spoon. As an ice cream enthusiast, I pride myself on exploring every nook and cranny of Karachi’s frozen delights. But little did I know that my frosty journey was far from over. One lazy afternoon, as I was browsing through FoodPanda’s virtual treasure trove of treats, my eyes locked onto a name that sent a shiver of excitement down my spine – Ice Berg.

Now, how on earth had I missed this in my icy escapades across the city? My curiosity piqued, and I knew there was only one way to satisfy this frosty itch: to embark on a subzero safari to Ice Berg.

So, what’s on the Menu?

  1. Regular Flavors
  2. Exclusive Flavors
  3. Ice Berg’s Specialities
  4. Seasonal Flavor
  5. Kulfi

Taste: Chillin’ Delights or Frosty Frights?

     1. Regular Flavors

Chocolate Chips: The classic delight – a tiny taste of chocolate heaven! As soon as I took my first bite, a wave of nostalgia swept over me. With each velvety spoonful, I was transported to a world of cocoa delight, where every bite was a dance of smooth, creamy goodness. The rich chocolate chips scattered throughout were like delightful surprises, adding a delightful crunch that made my taste buds sing with joy. Each bite was a little taste of heaven – rich, velvety, and oh-so-satisfying. I couldn’t resist going back for more, and with every spoonful, my heart leaped with pure chocolaty magic!

Price: PKR 560

Tutti Fruity: Oh, my fruity dreams come true! This vibrant, rainbow-hued ice cream had fruity flavors bursting in my mouth. It was like a fruity fiesta, with each lick revealing a delightful melody of mango, pineapple, strawberry, and more. Every scoop was a burst of sunshine and happiness, making me feel like I was savoring the pure essence of summer. I couldn’t resist smiling with each bite; it was simply a tutti-fruity celebration on my taste buds!

Price: PKR 530

     2. Exclusive Flavors

Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Ah, be still my beating heart! The Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream was an irresistible romance between smooth, velvety chocolate and decadent chunks of fudgy brownie. It was as if I had found my soulmate in an ice cream flavor. The way the luscious chocolate intertwined with the chewy brownie pieces was pure ecstasy for my taste buds. Each mouthful was like a warm embrace, filling me with comfort and joy. This ice cream was the ultimate chocolate lover’s dream, and I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for its indulgent charm.

Price: PKR 600

My Favorite

Rocher Rapture
Ah, Ferrero Rocher, you’ve done it again! Rocher Rapture is a masterpiece that captivated me from the very first lick. The rich hazelnut aroma embraced me like a warm hug. The velvety chocolate was like a decadent dream, and the crunchy hazelnut surprises tucked within each swirl sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. It’s pure opulence in a cone, and I found myself utterly captivated by its divine charm.

PKR 490

Vanilla Nutella Sundae
Imagine a dreamy swirl of velvety vanilla and a Nutella drizzle dancing on your taste buds! This divine Sundae takes you on a heavenly journey where creamy meets hazelnut bliss. The vanilla is so smooth and comforting, while the Nutella adds that perfect touch of nutty chocolate euphoria. It’s a match made in ice cream heaven, and each bite feels like a sweet embrace that warms your heart and leaves you craving for more!

PKR 250

     3. Ice Berg’s Specialities

Sicilian: A taste of Italy in every bite, this ice cream was a delightful whirlwind of flavors. With every spoonful, I could almost feel the Mediterranean breeze caressing my face. The rich, aromatic swirls of pistachio and almond blended beautifully, whisking me away to the charming streets of Sicily. And let’s not forget the hint of citrusy zest that added a playful twist to the experience. Bravo, Ice Berg!

Price: PKR 570

     4. Seasonal Flavor

Mango: Mango, you sweet, sunny delight! The moment this ice cream touched my lips, I was transported to a tropical paradise. It was like indulging in the juiciest, ripest mango, freshly plucked from the tree. Each bite was a burst of pure mango goodness, the essence of summertime happiness captured in a frozen scoop. I felt like doing a little happy dance with every spoonful as if I could taste the sunshine itself!

Price: PKR 650

     5. Kulfi

Crunch Kulfi: Hold on tight, folks! The Crunch Kulfi took me on a thrilling ride of taste sensations. The traditional kulfi base, rich and creamy, was sprinkled generously with bits of crunchy goodness – nuts, chocolate chips, and a hint of caramel. It was smooth and crunchy, and I couldn’t help but smile with delight as I savored each delightful crunch, experiencing pure frozen bliss!

Price: PKR 85

Price: Ice Berg 101

Disclaimer: The prices quoted above are at the time of publishing. They are subject to change.

I must admit, I experienced a bit of a brain freeze when I glanced at the prices on their menu. There’s no sugarcoating it – the prices were undeniably high. Everything, and I mean everything, seemed to have a “fancy” price tag attached to it. Even though the Kulfi may seem affordable at first glance, its price is still higher compared to what’s found in other restaurants in Karachi.

But then again, I reminded myself that extraordinary ice cream experiences often come at a cost. So, while it may not be the most budget-friendly, I can vouch that the experience was truly one of a kind. 

Service: Slip ‘n Slide

It began with a warm welcome from the friendly and attentive staff. They greeted me with smiles as bright as the sun and guided me through the array of icy delights. Ordering was a breeze, and they were more than happy to answer my questions.

But as I eagerly awaited my frozen treasures, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of a proper sitting area. The limited space meant that they had squeezed in a few seats to accommodate customers. It was a bit like a game of musical chairs but with ice cream! While the atmosphere inside was buzzing with delight, I couldn’t help but wish for a dedicated seating area, especially for families and groups of friends. 

Accessibility: Chillin’ with the Berg

Reaching Ice Berg requires more than just an appetite for ice cream; it demands a significant effort! With just one location to its name at Yousuf Ali Building, Dr. Daud Pota Road, Ice Berg was like a well-kept secret. It will take a bit of navigating through the twists and turns of the city.

Ice Berg offered a glimmer of hope in the form of FoodPanda delivery. But alas, even the delivery magic had its geographical limitations, leaving some ice cream enthusiasts yearning for a taste of the frozen wonders.

Final Verdict

Maybe I should have known all along: if there’s one thing Karachi does right in the ice cream department, it’s Ice Berg. It was definitely worth the effort, and I’m sure it will please even the pickiest of palates. So if you’re looking for a charming memory-maker of an experience, Ice Berg is the place! 

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