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My Forever Favorite: A Review of IHOP

IHOP is an iconic international chain that has been a reliable source of food that brings both comfort and joy to many. From the Cowboy Burger to its Original Buttermilk Pancakes, IHOP offers a wide range of delicious food items that are sure to please all tastes. The staff is friendly and accommodating, while the ambience is cozy and inviting.

Updated May 15, 2023

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As I sit here reminiscing about my all-time favorite restaurant in Karachi, my mind wanders to the sweet smell of pancakes, the sizzle of meat, and the sound of chatter and laughter. IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, has been a personal sanctuary for me, a place where I can always count on it to bring a smile to my face. 

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday brunch or a mid-week breakfast fix, IHOP has never failed to lift my spirits. IHOP has been that one constant in my life, a reliable source of comfort and joy, and I’m thrilled to review it for the people. So come along, Karachiites, let’s explore the wonders of IHOP together.

Taste: Beyond Pancakes

As the name suggests, IHOP is renowned for its fluffy and delicious pancakes. However, let me tell you about another menu item that has stolen my heart – the Cowboy Burger

Picture this: a juicy patty seasoned to a mouthwatering medium-rare. Add two crispy onion rings, some custom smoked beef bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, and tomato, all sandwiched between two delicious soft, toasted buns. 

Can you taste it yet? That’s the Cowboy Burger at IHOP, and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. I can still recall the beautiful aroma of that burger, as the server brought it to the table, I simply salivated with anticipation.

As for the Chicken Quesadilla, it was a fiesta! I was blown away by the grilled chicken breast that was seasoned to perfection. The fire-roasted peppers and onions were the perfect addition, adding a touch of smokiness to the dish. And the melted shredded mix cheese wrapped in a warm and soft tortilla was pure heaven. 

But what really set this dish apart is the salsa and sour cream that come with it. The salsa bursts with fresh and tangy flavors that complement the savory quesadilla perfectly, while the sour cream adds a luscious creaminess to every bite.

Price: Worth the Splurge

IHOP may be a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth the price. The Cowboy Burger goes for a whopping PKR 1499, while the Chicken Quesadilla is sold at PKR 899. Although these prices may seem steep, I promise you that every bite of these dishes will be worth your hard-earned money.

Another reason for the trust on the consistent good taste at IHOP that it is an internationally renowned food chain. You know what you’re getting into. Another reason is the superb quality of the food. I’d be willing to pay an arm and a leg for these bad boys again!

Service: Going Above and Beyond

IHOP’s service is one of the many reasons why I keep coming back. The staff has always impressed me with its professionalism and attention to detail. What I appreciate most is how accommodating and patient the staff is with special requests and dietary restrictions. They are always happy to customize their dish to my liking or even suggest alternative options if needed.

In addition to the great food and service, IHOP also offers the convenience of delivery through FoodPanda. So if you’re craving IHOP’s delicious pancakes, burgers, or any other menu item but can’t make it to the restaurant, you can still enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Ambience: Hop to IHOP

Located on Main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, the restaurant is simply delightful. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by warm lighting that set the mood for a cozy and comfortable dining experience. The decor was charming, with a mix of rustic and modern elements that gave this space a unique character.

Moreover, the restaurant was impeccably clean, including the toilets, which is always a plus in my book. It’s refreshing to see a restaurant that prioritizes hygiene and cleanliness. Another great aspect of the restaurant was the ample parking available right in front of the establishment. It’s always a relief to find parking spot that is easily accessible,  especially in a busy area.

Honorable Mentions: Big Boy Breakfast

IHOP’s Original Buttermilk Pancakes are a classic for a reason – they’re simply delicious. When I’m in the mood for a no-fuss breakfast, these pancakes are always my go-to.

The fluffy texture of the pancake mixed with the slight tang of the buttermilk is a match truly made in heaven. And the whipped real butter topping is the perfect addition, adding just the right amount of richness. I love how the butter slowly melts into the warm pancakes, creating a creamy, heavenly flavor.

These pancakes are the epitome of comfort food, bringing back memories of lazy Sunday mornings and family breakfasts. The simplicity of the Original Buttermilk Pancakes is what makes them so special, allowing the flavor and texture to shine through. 

If you’re looking for a classic pancake done right, look no further than IHOP’s Original Buttermilk Pancakes.

Final Verdict

There’s a special place in my heart, and in my stomach, for IHOP. And there will always be! It is one of those restaurants that will never fail to put a smile on my face. I’m sure it will be the same for you! So don’t forget to hop on over to IHOP! 

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