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Image Women Ready to Wear

Explore captivating Image brand, showcasing style, sophistication, and the essence of eastern women ready to wear.

Updated Jul 19, 2023

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Capture the Spotlight with Image’s Pret

I don’t know why I always get excited while writing a review on Image. Every word I pen about Image Pret is a testament to its status as a true masterpiece in the realm of Eastern women’s pret wear. From the mesmerizing Chikankari kurtas that embody the essence of tradition to the vibrant printed co-ord sets that exude contemporary flair, Image pret gives vibes of style and sophistication. So, without further ado, let us embark on a voyage of fashion and uncover the wonders that Image has curated for us this time. 

The Fabric Collection: Cotton and Jacquard

In the vast fabric collection offered by Image Pret, Cotton and Jacquard take center stage. These fabrics are carefully chosen for their superior quality and comfort, ensuring that each garment provides a luxurious feel. Whether it’s a breezy summer day or a festive evening, Image offers a diverse range of Cotton and Jacquard outfits to cater to every occasion.

Traditional Embroideries: Chikankari and Sequins

When it comes to intricate embroideries, Image Pret excels in its expertise. The brand showcases the magnificent art of Chikankari, a form of hand embroidery known for its delicate thread-work and elaborate motifs. In addition, Image also offers stunning sequins work on dresses, adding a touch of sparkle and glamor to formal events.

The best of Both Worlds: Casual and Formal

Image Pret effortlessly transitions between the realms of formal and casual wear, cementing its position as a brand that excels in both domains. For formal occasions, Image offers a range of exquisitely crafted ensembles ranging from intricately embroidered suits to graceful co-ord dresses. Their collection features a diverse array of chic and relaxed outfits, perfect for day-to-day wear or casual gatherings. 

Varied Dress Options: Suits and Co-ords

Image Pret provides a versatile range of dresses to suit different style preferences. Their collection includes mostly 1-piece and 2-piece, along with some 3-piece suits, offering options for both casual and formal wear. Furthermore, Image offers embroidered co-ord sets, allowing fashion-savvy individuals to effortlessly coordinate their outfits while making a bold fashion statement.

The World of Printed Pret

Comfort, style, and versatility converge in Image’s Print category. This collection showcases the brand’s iconic prints, ranging from breathtaking florals to statement geometrics. Whether it’s a printed kurta or a coordinated set, Image’s Print pieces are crafted with precision, combining trendy designs with superior fabric quality. 

Summer Color Palette 

Get ready to embrace the vibrant hues of summer with Image Pret’s captivating, printed dresses and co-ord sets. From the refreshing allure of a blue printed kurta to the understated elegance of a subtle pink co-ord, their collection is a celebration of colors that perfectly complement the sunny season. Let your style bloom in the vibrant palette of Image Pret’s summer collection.

Embracing Solids: Minimalistic Charm

Image has also ventured into providing high-quality solid-colored dresses, embracing timeless elegance. These solid outfits become a wardrobe staple, offering versatility and sophistication for various settings, including the workplace. Image ensures that their solid dresses are meticulously crafted, using premium fabrics and pastel shades mostly like light green, gray and aqua blue.

The Allure of Trousers

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Image Pret’s captivating range of trousers. Delicate, stylish, and utterly mesmerizing, these trousers are an embodiment of modern fashion. From solid lace izaars to black schiffli trousers, Image offers a diverse selection that caters to different tastes and preferences.

Signature Dupattas: Unparalleled Craftsmanship

No Image Pret ensemble is complete without their signature dupattas. These masterpieces boast exceptional chikankari and appliqué work, featuring the brand’s iconic black and white color scheme. Each dupatta is meticulously crafted, showcasing the skilled artistry and attention to detail that define Image Pret. 


Image Pret has established itself as a leading fashion brand that combines quality craftsmanship with unbeatable style. Their traditional embroidered ensembles, including the renowned Chikankari work, capture the essence of timeless beauty and cultural heritage. Whether you’re drawn to their Cotton and Jacquard collection, mesmerized by their prints, fascinated by their solids, or enchanted by their trousers and signature dupattas, Image Pret offers an array of choices that cater to every fashion enthusiast.

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