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Reviewing Jabra Elite 4 Active: Powerful Melodies for Your Active Lifestyle

Jabra Elite 4 Active makes an excellent choice for sports and fitness lovers seeking a secure fit, amazing sound quality, and intuitive controls. Its IP57 dust- and water-resistance rating make them a tough and rough workout partner.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jun 19, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

29,999.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Firm button presses.
  • Limited control customization.
  • Average ANC performance.

For sports lovers and fitness enthusiasts, finding the perfect pair of headphones to keep up with their active lifestyle is nothing short of a quest. As someone who has tried various options, from the Bose Open Sports Earbuds to more affordable alternatives like Anker Soundcore Sport X10, I understand the importance of a secure fit, advanced audio engineering, and durability in an active earbud.

Enter the Jabra Elite 4 Active, a highly anticipated addition to the Jabra Elite series. While it has been praised in foreign markets for its affordability, here in Pakistan, it’s more costly than mid-range earbuds. But don’t worry; you can get it at the best price in Pakistan from Telemart, standing at Rs. 29,999.

In this comprehensive review, I will take you through the features, performance, comfort, and overall value of the Jabra Elite 4 Active and help you decide if it fits your active lifestyle.

Design of Jabra Elite 4 Active: A Perfect Match for Fitness Junkies

The Jabra Elite 4 Active comes in stylish black, navy, and mint green colors, making them visually appealing to sports lovers. During my testing, I found the earbuds to be well-built and highly functional, meeting the high standards of this brand’s other models. Although they lack wingtips for added stability, the snug fit and availability of different-sized ear tips ensured they stayed securely in my ears.

The IP57 dust- and water-resistance rating further enhances their workout-friendly design, allowing me to exercise without worrying about sweat or rain damaging them. The physical buttons on each housing are convenient for controlling music playback, adjusting volume, and managing calls. Despite some users having different opinions about the buttons, they are still helpful.

Features and Controls of Jabra Elite 4 Active: Simplified Yet Effective

While the Jabra Elite 4 Active may not offer customizable controls like some high-end models, they still deliver a range of functionalities. The physical buttons on the earbuds allow me to switch noise-canceling modes, answer and end calls, control music playback, and activate my mobile’s voice assistant.

Although the button press force can be a bit too firm, potentially causing discomfort, I appreciated the inclusion of on-ear volume controls, eliminating the need to reach my device. The LED indicators on the earbuds and charging case provides helpful battery status updates, ensuring I stay aware of my remaining listening time.

Connectivity and ANC of Jabra Elite 4 Active: Tailored for Android Users

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, aptX, and SBC support, the Elite 4 Active offers seamless wireless connectivity. While some Jabra models prioritize AAC for Apple devices, the Elite 4 Active focuses on delivering high-quality streaming for Android users. Additionally, Google Fast Pair simplifies the initial pairing process with Android phones.

The ANC performance is not on par with top-tier earbuds; it substantially reduces ambient noise. The earbuds’ passive noise isolation, coupled with ANC, creates an immersive listening experience while keeping me aware of my surroundings through the customizable HearThrough mode which I loved the most.

Audio Quality of Jabra Elite 4 Active: Balanced and Customizable

Out of the box, the Elite 4 Active delivers a well-balanced sound profile that caters to a wide range of music genres. With no significant under or over-emphasis of frequencies, the earbuds ensure perfect reproduction of my favorite tracks.

However, if I desire a personalized touch, the Sound+ app offers a custom five-band equalizer and preset options to fine-tune the sound to my liking. From the energetic sub-bass notes to the well-defined highs, the Elite 4 Active presents a pleasing audio experience, making each workout session more enjoyable.

When I listened to Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music” during my workout; I was blown away by the powerful bass. As I continued listening, I noticed the unique vocal clarity and 3D soundstage, which made me feel like I was in a nightclub dancing along with the music.

I was even more impressed with these audio accessories when I heard Ronitvinta’s “Tu Chodiyo Na Hath Mera.” Every sonic nuance was carefully reproduced and presented in a captivating soundstage, from the detailed instrumentation to the crisp highs. The energy coming out from the speakers was truly special and made me feel like I had my own personal concert.

Battery Life of Jabra Elite 4 Active: Keeping Pace with Your Active Lifestyle

With up to 28 hours of total battery life, including seven hours of playback from the earbuds alone, the Jabra Elite offers reliable endurance for your active lifestyle. Even with active noise cancellation enabled, the battery life surpasses that of popular alternatives like the Apple AirPods 3 and Sony WF-1000XM4.


Best for
Fitness Enthusiasts

Battery life
28 hours

About the Brand
Jabra is a cutting-edge audio technology brand renowned for its premium headphones and headsets, delivering exceptional sound quality and superior user experience.

Final Verdict

So, the Jabra Elite 4 Active is a tough companion for sports enthusiasts seeking powerful sound and a secure fit during workouts. With its well-designed aesthetics, solid audio performance, intuitive controls, and respectable battery life, these earbuds are a worthy investment for those prioritizing both quality and affordability. Unleash the full potential of your workouts with the Jabra Elite 4 Active and elevate your audio experience like never before.
And for more accessory options, explore the wide range of accessories stores available on Savyour. Unleash the full potential of your workouts with the Jabra Elite 4 Active and elevate your audio experience like never before.


Color Black, Navy & Mint green
Weight 5g (earbud), 37.5g (case)
Dimensions 20.85 x 20.49 x 27.3mm (earbud), 28.4 x 38.9 x 64mm (case)
Water resistance Yes (IP57 rated)
Battery life 28 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2

At a Glance:













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