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Kehne Ko Jashn-e-Bahara Hai: A Review of Jashan by Ginsoy

Jashan by Ginsoy is an exquisite restaurant that lives up to its reputation of serving exceptional dishes. The ambiance is second-to-none, offering a beautiful view of the sea. However, their prices are quite high, and service could be better.

Updated Mar 23, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • High prices, especially after adding GST
  • Long waiting time during peak hours

Arey waah, suna hai? 

Jashan by Ginsoy is not just a restaurant; it’s a khanay ka jashan! And let me tell you, it’s sitting right in front of the mighty Arabian Sea, giving you a view that will make your heart go “beach, please!”

You won’t believe the kind of food they have here – from desi delights that will remind you of ghar ka khaana to juicy burgers that will make you go, mmm…! 

And the seafood? Oh my God, it’s so succulent!

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a mouth-watering treat as I take you through my review of Jashan by Ginsoy. Trust me, it’s worth it – khaana toh bohot sahi hai boss!

Taste: Meri Zubaan Ka Sauda Ho Gaya

Oh, meri jaan! 

Every bite of the Charcoal Chicken was absolutely heavenly – succulent, tender morsels exquisitely chargrilled with a blend of red chili, garlic, and lemon. The smoky flavor from the charcoal grill elevated it to an extraordinary level. 

I swear I could taste the love and passion that went into cooking it. And the Dynamite Prawns? Boy, oh boy, they were like fireworks in my mouth! The crispy coating gave way to the succulent inside, and the spicy sauce perfectly balanced heat and flavor. I could eat these all day, everyday.

The Cocktail Kabab was a real surprise – stuffed with cheese and served with mint chutney; it was like a flavor party in my mouth that I never wanted to end.

My favorite, though, was the Butter Badami Handi. It was like a hug from my nani

It was the perfect blend of velvety butter and crushed almonds, making every bite feel like a warm hug on a chilly evening. I swear, I could have licked the bowl clean!

Price: Mixed Feelings Here

It’s no secret that Jashan by Ginsoy is quite expensive. The food is worth it, but the pricing could be slightly lower. 

Not to mention that the prices quoted in the menu card are exclusive of the GST. This results in the cumulative bill being entirely unreasonable.

That said, I understand this is a five-star establishment, and one should expect to pay more for an experience like this.

Service: Shaky at Best

I’d say the service was average – not bad, but not great, either. The staff is well-behaved and polite, but it takes about 40 to 45 minutes to get a seat during peak hours. 

It’s understandable, given the high-end clientele, but waiting for such a long time is no fun. I hope they’ll increase their capacity soon so everyone can taste these heavenly dishes peacefully!

Ambience: Very Aesthetic

It’s absolutely stunning – clean interiors, perfect lighting, and softly played music. And the rooftop seating overlooking the sea. It’s breathtaking! 

The sea-facing view is simply gorgeous; it’s worth staying for a few minutes after your meal to soak in that panoramic vista. All in all, it’s perfect for a special evening with friends or family

Honorable Mentions: From Arabia, with Love

Drop everything and try the Chicken Madbee at Jashan.

It’s so tasty it’ll have you high-fiving your food and telling everyone how great it tastes with its authentic Yemeni flavors. 

Plus, it’ll leave your stomach full and happy – what more could you ask? 

Final Verdict

Jashan has quickly become one of my go-to dining spots for a delicious night out. But don’t just take my word for it! 

Grab a napkin, wipe the drool from your chin, and visit Jashan by Ginsoy to see if it lives up to the hype!

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