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Immersive Gaming Delight: JBL Quantum ONE Review

JBL Quantum ONE is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a premium gaming headset. It boasts immersive audio quality, exceptional noise isolation, and advanced features that make it ideal for both casual and competitive gaming.

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Updated Jun 15, 2023

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37,000.00/- PKR

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  • Limited versatility for casual use.
  • Higher price point.

Enter the JBL Quantum ONE, a remarkable pair of wired gaming headphones that aims to immerse gamers in a world of extraordinary sound and cutting-edge features. When it comes to audio accessories, JBL stands tall as a renowned and trusted brand worldwide, capturing the hearts of audio enthusiasts, including those in Pakistan.

However, JBL’s expertise extends beyond conventional audio devices, as they have ventured into the realm of gaming headsets. As JBL’s current flagship model in their Quantum lineup, the Quantum ONE shares similarities with its wireless counterpart, the Quantum 800, and the wired Quantum 400. However, it sets itself apart by including QuantumSphere 360 virtual surround sound technology.

Join me as we explore the immersive world of the JBL Quantum ONE, uncovering its sound quality, noise isolation capabilities, and more.

Design of JBL Quantum ONE

The Quantum ONE boasts a wired design complemented by captivating RGB lighting, active noise canceling, and innovative audio spatialization technology. While the headset’s weight may be heavier, I found the padding on the headband and ear cups to be very comfortable during extended gaming sessions.

The robust build quality instills confidence, although the use of plastic in its construction does slightly diminish its overall value. Nevertheless, the headset’s rotating ear cups and adjustable headband ensure a customizable fit for different head sizes, providing a personalized touch to my gaming experience.

The JBL Quantum ONE’s build quality is strong compared to other models. The dense plastic construction feels durable and capable of withstanding minor drops and impacts. Unlike its counterparts, the ear cup hinges are sturdy and emit minimal noise, while the faux leather padding offers decent comfort during prolonged use.

Features and Controls of JBL Quantum ONE

When it comes to features and controls, the JBL Quantum ONE doesn’t disappoint. The left earcup houses various connections and controls, including a 3.5mm input, a USB-C port, a removable boom microphone, and a calibration mic.

The back edge of the earcup is home to a mic mute button, a volume wheel, a head tracking re-centering button, and an ANC button. While the layout may seem busy, I quickly adapted to the button placements, especially the inline jog wheel control, which allowed me to balance the volume between my game and other audio sources effortlessly.

The included JBL QuantumENGINE software, compatible with Windows, further enhances this gaming accessories‘ capabilities, providing access to features like RGB lighting control, EQ adjustment, and microphone settings. Additionally, the software utilizes a small microphone placed inside the ear to calibrate the headset to my individual ear shape, optimizing the surround sound experience.

Audio Quality of JBL Quantum ONE

This JBL headphone truly excels in audio quality, thanks to its well-balanced sound profile. It delivers an even response across the frequency spectrum, but there is some variation in the high end that can make vocals or sibilant sounds slightly harsh, especially between 2-6kHz.

However, the bass and midrange response remain impressive, with minimal dips. Songs like “Pjanoo” by Eric Prydz showcased the headset’s ability to handle bass-heavy tracks, while the vocals in “Imagine” by John Lennon sounded solid and captivating.

Gaming Experience with JBL Quantum ONE

Ahh finally! Gaming. The Quantum ONE truly shines as a high-end gaming headset. It sounds perfect in the games; I can hear the footsteps and breath of the enemies clearly and precisely; its controls are specially organized for gaming purposes, which helps a lot in the middle of the battlefield.

The presence of a jog wheel for adjusting the game and voice chat volume makes prolonged gaming sessions on Discord a breeze. The detachable microphone and versatile connectivity options make it adaptable to various gaming setups, allowing me to immerse myself fully in games like COD and The Witcher 3. Throughout my gaming sessions, I couldn’t help but feel that the JBL Quantum ONE surpassed my expectations and rivaled my go-to daily driver headphones.

Noise Isolation and Microphone of JBL Quantum ONE

The JBL Quantum ONE’s active noise canceling proves highly effective in blocking out external sounds, such as traffic or household appliances, rivaling the best noise-canceling headphones. Even with the ANC switched off, the headset offers commendable isolation, ensuring minimal disturbance from conversations or background music in the vicinity.

As for the microphone, the JBL Quantum ONE comes equipped with a detachable boom microphone. In my testing, the microphone exhibited excellent recording quality, capturing clear and detailed voices. The frequency response accentuated speech intelligibility while effectively rejecting incidental background noises. Whether in intense multiplayer battles or cooperative gameplay, I found my teammates easily understood me, thanks to the microphone’s impressive performance.


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About the Brand
JBL is one of the leading brands, manufacturing tech products, especially headphones for years now. It is one of the most successful brands in the world.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the JBL Quantum ONE is a solid choice for gamers seeking a premium gaming headset. Its immersive audio quality, comfortable design, and customizable features make it a compelling option for both casual and competitive gaming. While the slightly deviant high-end response may lead to occasional harshness in certain tracks, the overall audio performance and exceptional microphone quality compensate for this minor drawback.

The JBL Quantum ONE truly delivers an impressive gaming experience that surpasses expectations. If you’re interested in getting the JBL Quantum ONE at the best price in Pakistan, I recommend checking out Eezepc or Daraz via Savyour, where you can even enjoy cashback on your purchase. For more gaming accessory options, visit Savyour, your one-stop destination for all your gaming needs.


Color Black
Weight 369gm
Driver 50mm Dynamic Drivers
Water resistance No
Sound JBL QuantumSPHERE 360™ spatial surround sound
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack

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