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Experience Music in a New Wave with JBL Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds

JBL Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pair of earbuds that deliver great sound, comfortable wear, and long-lasting battery life. They provide impressive features in a modern design at an affordable price point.

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Updated May 01, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

17,499.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Average noise isolation
  • Bass response may be too exaggerated for some genres
  • Battery life falls short of listed playtime at 5 hours and 14 minutes
  • Stereo call audio can sound like an echo

As a music enthusiast, having earbuds that provide excellent sound quality is crucial. The JBL Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds are a significant advancement in the realm of wireless earbuds. They offer remarkable sound quality and comfortable wear, making them an ideal choice for music lovers.

JBL, a well-trusted electronics brand, has yet again delivered with their latest offering – the Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds come packed with impressive features that will make you fall in love with them at first listen. Let’s delve into the specifics and explore how these earbuds can hold their own against the best earbuds in the market.

Sleek and Modern Design: JBL Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds

  • Comes in four colors
  • Compact charging case
  • IPX2 certification

These JBL earbuds are a perfect blend of modern design and impressive functionality. With their sleek and stylish look, these earbuds will catch everyone’s attention. Whether at work, the gym, or just out and about, these earbuds are perfect for all occasions.

Available in black, white, sky blue, and pink; these earbuds are discreet and have a premium look and feel. The compact charging case is easy to store in your pocket, and the overall design gives them an air of sophistication.

While the ear cups are a universal shape and do not have silicone ear tips, they stay securely in place and resist splashes or light rain with an IPX2 certification. However, there may be better choices for intense physical activity.

Convenient Controls & Connectivity: JBL Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds

  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Compatibility with the My JBL Headphones app.

The Wave 300 Earbuds come equipped with touch controls, allowing you to easily manage music playback, activate voice assistants, and pick up calls. However, while these controls are easy to use, they can be unresponsive at times Avoid accidentally tapping the controls while putting these earbuds on. 

The earbuds are quickly paired with your smartphone upon opening the charging case because of their automatic detection feature. The Bluetooth 5.2 connection ensures a stable connection every time, everywhere.

Unfortunately, I could not customize the touch controls due to the lack of compatibility with the ‘My JBL Headphones’ app. This also means there is no option for volume control directly from the earbuds – you can only adjust it from your smartphone. Additionally, these earbuds do not support multipoint connection, which may be a downside for some users.

JBL Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds: Immersive Sound Experience

  • Produce every note with perfection
  • Stereo audio call support

The JBL Wave 300 delivers a pleasant listening experience when it comes to sound quality. As I listened to various genres of music, I found the bass was more subdued than I expected. However, it still had a noticeable punch that added depth to my music. I appreciated that the earbuds attempted to reproduce every note at the same perceived loudness, which made for a more balanced listening experience. However, I did find that the bass was slightly exaggerated, which might bother some listeners.

I listened to “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen and the earbuds handled the fast-paced, bass-heavy song quite well. The sound was clear and crisp, with no distortion or muffling. And I tried a Hindi song called “Lag Jaa Gale” showcasing the earbuds’ ability to deliver clarity and warmth, allowing me to enjoy the music in its full glory.

Despite this, the overall sound signature of the Wave 300 Earbuds is safe and bound to please a wide range of listeners. And if you love taking phone calls on the go, these earbuds have got you covered with stereo call audio support. Although I found the stereo feature to be a bit distracting due to the slight delay in relaying call audio, I could switch to mono mode to solve the problem.

Noise Canceling

The JBL Wave 300 does not have active noise canceling (ANC) technology. The isolation provided by the silicone ear tips is average at best, which means that low frequencies like the rumble of a train or the hum of an airplane engine will still be audible. 

However, if you’re in a relatively quiet setting and just want to enjoy your music without interruptions, the JBL Wave 300 True Wireless Earbuds should suffice. But if you’re looking for a pair of earbuds to use in a noisy environment like a commute, you might want to consider investing in Sony WF-1000XM4; the best ANC earbuds in the market, or you can go for a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

The JBL LIVE 300 TWS Battery: A Reliable and Long-Lasting Power Source

  • Around 5 hours of battery life
  • 10 minutes of charging provides one hour of music
  • Total 18 hours of battery life

Suppose you’re always on the go and love to listen to music. In that case, the battery life of your earbuds is a critical factor to consider. Fortunately, the JBL LIVE 300 earbuds have a reliable, long-lasting battery that won’t disappoint you. When fully charged, the JBL earbuds lasted up to 5 hours and 20 minutes of music playback. While it falls slightly short of the advertised six-hour playtime, it’s still more than enough for most of us. Plus, the earbuds support fast charging, which means that just 10 minutes of charging time in the case can provide up to an hour of additional listening time.

But what about when you’re not using the earbuds? Don’t worry; the charging case has got you covered. The case itself takes two hours to fully charge. It can provide an additional 2.3 charge cycles, giving you a total of nearly 18 hours of portable battery life. Whether on a long flight or a road trip, you can rely on the LIVE 300 to keep your music playing for as long as needed.


Best For:
Music Playback

Battery Life:
5 hours

About the Brand:
JBL has been one of the leading brands manufacturing tech products, especially headphones, for years. It is one of the most successful brands in the world

Final Verdict

The JBL LIVE 300 TWS is a solid choice for anyone needing a reliable mobile accessory. The sound quality is good, with a balanced frequency response that should appeal to most listeners. The touch controls are easy to use but could be more responsive. Battery life is decent, with 5 hours and 20 minutes of playtime on a single charge. And remember, you can purchase the JBL LIVE 300 TWS from Xcessorieshub through Savyour to enjoy cashback on your purchase.


Weight 55.6g (case), 6.2g (earbud)
Frequency response 20-20kHz
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery life 5 hours, 18 hours (with case)
Colors Black
Dimensions 70 x 28 x 44mm (case)
Water resistance Yes (IPX5 rated)

At a Glance:




Sound Quality








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