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Heat The Meat: Kababjees Restaurant’s Review

Kababjees is one of the admirable places to hang out with friends, to make a delightful experience with family, or to have a corporate dinner or meeting.

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Updated Apr 13, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The place is a bit too noisy for my taste.
  • The Place is on the Pricier Side.

Kababjees is one of the most popular and renowned Pakistani restaurants in Karachi. It’s a chain of restaurants famous for its mouth-watering BBQ dishes, Continental, and Chinese delights. 

The first Kababjees restaurant was established in 2015. Kababjees has since expanded to include branches in Karachi. Recently, Kababjees has introduced a new restaurant by the name of Horror Cafe.

Kababjees offer a wide variety of food items such as kebabs, burgers, wraps, rice dishes, and much more. Kababjees also offers a wide range of drinks including soft drinks, mocktails, juices, and milkshakes.

Kababjees is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Food: Tickle Your Pickle

I hadn’t been to Kababjees in a while and I was really missing their food. So, last night I decided to take a drive down to Kababjees and it was totally worth it!

I ordered the Malai Boti and it was delicious. The meat was so tender and the flavor was just perfect. I also ordered Mutton Rango Kabab and Beef Boti. Both were mouth-wateringly good.  The kebabs were nicely cooked and had a great smokey flavor but the Beef Boti was my favorite. It was so flavourful and juicy. I ordered Paratha with them which was soft and nicely done. I was really stuffed by the end of my meal but it was all so worth it.

Price: Expensive

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change. The current prices are dated 10 October 2022. (As per the official website).

When it comes to pricing,  Kababjees is definitely on the higher side. However, given the quality of food they offer, I think it’s worth it. A meal for two people would cost you around Rs. 2000-2500. I ordered the following items:

  • Chicken Malai Boti: PKR 999
  • Mutton Rango Kabab: PKR 999
  • Beef Boti: PKR 999
  • Poori Paratha: PKR 330
  • Soft Drink: PKR 390

Service: Top-Notch

The service at Kababjees is always on point. they never disappoint. They have a very efficient and friendly staff. The waiters were attentive and polite. They made sure we were comfortable. The food was served fresh and hot. I didn’t have to wait long for my order.

Ambiance: Calm Your Mind

I love the ambiance of Kababjees on the Highway Karachi – Hyderabad motorway Scheme 33. It’s a bit out of the way, but it’s definitely worth the drive. 

The ambiance was very cozy and inviting. They had outdoor and indoor seating. I preferred outdoor seating. The place was too spacious. It’s a perfect place for big groups such as corporate dinners, family dinners, etc. 

They also have a play area which is a bonus for families with kids and a beautiful fountain in the middle of the restaurant which adds to the overall look and feel of the place. The place was clean and well-lit.

Honorary Mentions: Don’t Miss

Kababjees is not a place to enjoy BBQ only, but some of their menu items like Tarragon Steak, Schezwan Chicken with Fried Rice, and White Chicken Karahi are pretty darn tasty.  So if you find yourself in the mood for some non-BBQ food, then Kababjees should still be a go-to spot.

Gentry: Open-For-All

I saw a lot of Families, Friends, and Couples at the restaurant which is to be expected given the family-friendly environment of the place. I also saw some corporate employees in their work uniforms which tells me that the place is also popular for business meetings and lunch.

Final Verdict:

All in all, I had a great time at Kababjees. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Karachi. The service was excellent, and the atmosphere was outstanding. The thing that I love about Kababjees is that they have a great variety of food. It is a bit on the expensive side but it is worth it. 

The restaurant is located on the Highway Karachi – Hyderabad motorway Scheme 33, a bit out of the way, but it’s definitely worth the drive. 

Visit Kababjees for an amazing dining experience!

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