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From Mix till Whisk, Kenwood Food Processor is my Top Pick!

Are you tired of doing all the cutting and slicing by yourself? Then it's time to buy the amazing Kenwood Food Processor. It is packed with some impressive features and a flawless design that is worth your investment!

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jan 04, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Beater is not included

This product review is based on several features a food processor should have. These features include – Bowl Capacity, power consumption, Speed Setting, number of Attachments, the material of blades, and some additional features.

I’m the kind of a person who loves to arrange gatherings and parties at my place. Be it a kitty party for my friends or extravagant events like birthdays or anniversaries of my family. No matter the event, I always try to make as many dishes as possible.

And for this, my Kenwood Food Processor FDP-65 400WH is always there to help me out with all my cooking needs. Read on to learn more about this mighty little appliance!

What makes the Kenwood Food Processor FDP-65 400WH stand-out?

It not only makes my food processed perfectly but even saves my time so that I can organize and decorate my home for gatherings. It includes a chopper which is perfect for chopping vegetables so that whenever I’m making vegetable rice or macaroni, it just makes my work easier. !

I love making fruit salads and with Kenwood Food Processor, it is now quicker than ever! It also features a powerful grinder – perfect for making ground beef or chicken. Well, my personal favorites are chicken cheese fritters and beef chili burgers. I just need to put the chicken or beef piece into the grinder and within like minutes, it gives me the perfect ground beef or chicken. 

For grating cheese, I use the grater that comes with this food processor, and it always makes sure to give me the perfect results every time. So, whether I need to grate some cheese to be topped on my Alfredo pasta or I need grated chocolate for my cake- it got me covered with all my choices!

A closer look at the features of the Kenwood Food Processor FDP-65 400WH

I am fond of having peanut butter sandwiches in the mornings but packaged peanut butter is not my taste. I like to make my peanut butter by using the Kenwood food processor. I just have to add some unsalted peanuts and oil and it’s good to go. This food processor also has a dual speed setting, making it perfect for me to set the speed as per my preferences! 

During snack time, my kids like to have some hash browns with salsa sauce but my Kenwood Food Processor has got my back with this though! With its stainless steel blades for shredding and slicing potatoes or onions, I can easily make some crispy and delectable hash browns in an instant!

This nifty little appliance not only performs well but it has a compact and elegant design that looks so good on a kitchen countertop. It also has exceptional power consumption so I don’t need to worry about paying heavy electricity bills by the end of the month!


Best For:
Excellent Power Consumption


Used to Chop, blend, shred, knead, slice, mix, Grind and whisk

About the Brand:
Kenwood is a leading tech company, manufacturing kitchen, and home appliances. It is considered as one of the most premium brands.


In my opinion, Kenwood Food Processor FDP-65 400WH is an ideal choice when it comes to food processors. It features a sleek design, outstanding performance, and easy-to-use parts that are perfect for making your cooking experience more promising.


Power 1000 w
Bowl Capacity 3 L
Speed Setting 2
Pulse Function Yes
Chop Yes
Blend Yes
Slice Yes
Grate Yes
Grind Yes
Mix Yes
Whisk Yes
Knead Yes
Rapid Yes
Intensive 65° Yes
Start delay options Continuous

At a Glance:




Speed Setting



Power Consumption



Number of Attachments



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