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Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs: Cooling Innovation at its Finest

Stay cool, and stay stylish with Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs. Designed for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency, these ACs blend innovation and elegance, making your summers a breeze.

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Updated Jul 19, 2023

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Starting From

125,900.00/- PKR

It’s a scorching summer day, the sun blazing down with no mercy. Beads of sweat form on your forehead, and you can practically feel your energy levels melting away. Do you long for a cool breeze to escape the oppressive heat?

Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs save the day! Becoming an essential part of our daily lives, it makes our homes a comfortable haven and provides much-needed relief by turning our homes into comfortable havens.

In this review, we’ll dive deep into the deciding factors that make or break an AC purchase. From the all-important capacity to the energy efficiency that keeps those utility bills in check, we’ll leave no stone unturned. We’ll also explore the durability that ensures your investment stands the test of time and the warranty that provides that extra peace of mind. Get ready to elevate your cooling experience to new heights with the best ACs in the market.

Kenwood eNova Series – The Perfect Choice



Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs

Design and Build – Stylish yet Sturdy



Experience a perfect blend of style and functionality with the Kenwood eNova Series air conditioner. It’s sleek design and superior build quality make it a standout addition to any space. The clean lines and modern aesthetic effortlessly complement any interior décor. The elegant finish on this compact unit lifts the overall aesthetics of a space. The Kenwood eNova Series is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Energy Efficiency – The Most Important Factor



The Kenwood eNova Series air conditioner is designed with energy efficiency in mind, keeping your electricity bills in check without compromising on cooling power. Equipped with a powerful air-flow system, it quickly and effectively cools your room, ensuring a comfortable environment even on the hottest days. The eco-friendly R410 gas is energy efficient and reduces environmental impact, and is the intelligent solution and performance booster for the Nova Series. Experience powerful cooling without worrying about excessive energy consumption.

Features – Making Cooling Convenient



The Kenwood eNova Series goes above and beyond to provide you with a range of additional features that enhance your comfort and convenience. With the auto restart function, the AC resumes its previous settings in case of a power outage, saving you the trouble of manually resetting it. The sleep mode ensures a peaceful night’s sleep by gradually adjusting the temperature for optimal comfort. The 24-hour timer allows you to schedule the AC to suit your daily routine.

Need rapid cooling? Activate the turbo function for a quick blast of cool air. Plus, with the hidden LED display, the AC maintains a sleek and minimalist appearance while still providing easy access to essential information.

What We Don’t Like

  • No Wi-Fi Control
  • Not Energy Efficient
  • No Self Cleaning

Capacity of Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs – Perfect Fit

Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs offer a range of capacities to suit your cooling needs. Whether you have a small room, a spacious living area, or a larger commercial space, Kenwood covers you with their 1-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2-ton models. This versatility ensures that you can find the perfect AC size to cool any room efficiently, providing optimal comfort and climate control. Unlike other ACs, Kenwood understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to beating the heat.

Capacity Room Size Cooling Time
Kenwood Non-Inverter AC 1 Ton Up to 120 square feet 10-15 minutes
Kenwood Non-Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Up to 180 square feet 15-20 minutes
Kenwood Non-Inverter AC 2 Ton Up to 250 square feet 20-25 minutes

Durability of Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs – Long Lasting

With Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs, the durability of the product is always a top priority. Considered among the best non-inverter ACs in the market, these units are built to last, featuring high-quality components and materials. The golden fins on the AC enhance heat transfer efficiency and provide corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance. These ACs are designed to withstand daily use and are built to endure the test of time, providing you with reliable cooling for years to come.

Warranty of Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs – Confidence in Every Breath

Kenwood, one of the leading home appliances brands, understands the importance of customer satisfaction and backs their Non-Inverter ACs with a 3-year nationwide warranty. This warranty, a testament to Kenwood’s commitment to quality, covers any potential manufacturing defects, providing customers peace of mind and ensuring uninterrupted comfort.

Final Verdict

Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs, the champions of home appliances, stand out from the competition. With their stylish design, superior build quality, and energy efficiency, these ACs deliver on both form and function. Whether you’re looking for a cooling solution for your home or business, these units offer an ideal choice. With their versatile capacity options, reliable performance, and generous warranty, you can trust that these ACs will provide years of comfortable cooling and climate control.

So don’t let the summer heat take over your life – stay chilled with Kenwood Non-Inverter ACs! You can purchase these ACs from AYS Online via savyour and receive cashback. Visit savyour now and start saving up with cashback on various electronics stores available!


Display Hidden LED
Type Non-Inverter Split
Heating No
Auto Restart Yes
Wi-Fi No
UPS/Generator Enabled No
Certifications/Standard No
Sleep Mode Yes
Turbo Mode Yes
Self Cleaning No

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