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Khaadi Ready-to-Wear Winter Collection Review

Khaadi's new winter pret line is chic, easy to wear, and stylish. With beautiful prints and unique designs, you can find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Prices are a bit high, but the quality is worth it.

Written By asawal.maqbool


Updated Dec 01, 2022

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Pret like never before!

Isn’t there just something beautiful about slipping into a perfectly tailored Pakistani ready-to-wear outfit that just makes you feel effortlessly chic? Gone are the days when Pakistani women were afraid to experiment with their style. Now, it’s high time they start embracing bolder colours, silhouettes and prints! And nobody’s there to judge or stop! 

Khaadi, with all their hearts put in, has been  creating beautiful pieces for the Pakistani pret line. Not only are their clothes more stylish than ever before, but they’re also incredibly easy to wear. Great sizes, great fit!  No longer having women to spend hours at the tailor getting their clothes customised; they can simply pull off  a ready-to-wear outfit and head out the door. 

Eye-catching pret

With so little effort required to look fabulous, these new winter ready-to-wear outfits from Khaadi’s new collection are perfect for the modern woman who is always on the go. Whether you’re running to meetings or chasing after your kids, you can be rest assured that you’ll look chic and put together in it. 

With beautiful and unique prints, you too can don in their new pret line and actually look sassy and wild! However, the price is a bit high but can definitely cater to your looks for more than two seasons, afterall,  khaadi khaddar and karandi are super long-lasting.

Khaadi ready to wear has come a long way in recent years. As there is a growing trend for stylish and modern eastern wear, their prints and embroidery have also come a long way, with their new collection “Into the wild” this collection serves you perfectly with effortless confidence. There is no need to spend hours getting your outfit just right; simply get something from this collection for all your winter outings, be it a stylish lower or a tunic and you are good to go.

This collection in all poppy, vibrant, dark and subtle colours is beautifully embellished with laces, buttons and embroidery that is to look out for! Such intricate and pretty embroidery is surely what one would love to pull off. Whether you are headed to the office or meeting friends for lunch, this collection of ready-to-wear is the perfect choice for any occasion. And with so many fashionable designs to choose from, you are sure to find an outfit that suits your style perfectly. 

Floral motifs embroidered on schiffli and multihead and dapper printed kurtas for your style, khaadi not only has launched long kurtas at this time of the year but also cute peplums, straight pants and basic izaars with strolls to check out!

From mini to large prints, the 3pc outfits, regardless of being embroidered or not, are beautifully paired with viscose shawls and khaddar dupattas, whatever suits best with the outfit.


High fashion and classy, this collection features a range of colours and styles, from traditional to contemporary. With so many beautiful designs, prints and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Khaadi has you covered. So take a look and see for yourself why Khaadi is the best place to shop for winter pret. Not disappointing you at all! 

Go get your pret now!

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