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Reviewing the Intriguely designed Khaadi’s New Collection: Here for the Bling

Written By Mehar Jaffery

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Updated Feb 03, 2023

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Bling, Shine, and Sparkle 

My mojo is to look, feel, and be beautiful. And what is my mission?

To find the perfect clothing pieces that perform miracles. From those perfectly complimenting earrings, to the all-encompassing necklace, I am committed to finding the must-haves that bring out the true me.

And with all the ‘Dawats’ around the corner, I am on the hunt to find wearables that help me stand out in the crowd. 

So, let’s take a walk with me to one of my favorite stores, ‘ta da,’ it is Khaadi this time.

What do I Love about Khaadi?

Oh, I wish you had asked me what I do not love about this brand? Well, certainly nothing. From their amazing color choices to perfectly crafted fabric, Khaadi is a well-loved brand. This fast-adapting brand is no less than a Desi Shein, crafted neatly to meet all our rapidly changing clothing demands.

With ongoing sales, I ought to find great pieces at affordable prices. Can you guess what did I find, rummaging through the store? Their newly launched collection, yes, you heard me right!

Next step? Trying them all out, finding the best piece, and bringing this authentically crafted review to you guys!

Here for the Bling Collection by Khaadi

Here for the Bling is a formal ready-to-wear collection. The collection is ideal for any dawat. Made with many vibrant colors, fabricated with raw silk, this collection has fallen right on to my lap, ending my search for that intricate piece. Now, let’s dig deeper into this collection.

Pop of Colors

The collection is based on 16 ready to wear pieces, including the most vibrant colors to fill any room. These colors range from hot pink, to cobalt and navy. 

This collection is filled with some gorgeous shades perfect for a winter evening. Hot pink provides a vibrant pop of color, great for making an impression. Cobalt gives a cool, icy feel to the look, while white is classic and timeless. Although not limited to these colors, they are sure to turn heads and create a lasting impression.

From Intricate Embroidery to Smooth Silk

The collection is stitched using dull raw silk. The unrefined nature of the fabric gives it a classic appeal that looks sophisticated when draped.

The collection predominantly highlights A-line long shirts and trousers. Not to forget, the stunning Gota craftsmanship dazzling either on necklines or dupattas, throughout the collection.  

These intricate embellishments give the collection a luxurious touch and make it perfect for formal events.

Who Stole My Heart?

After trying most pieces from Khaadi’s latest collection, I am happy to say I found the one for myself. 

The spectacular gold embroidery neckline adorning the vivid cobalt blue is an absolute eye-catch.. This exquisite A-line shirt is complemented by a bright pink dupatta, which adds an extra dimension of vibrancy without diminishing the beauty of the dress.

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