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A Review Of Khoob Ast: An Honest Look

Give your tongue an experience of Afghan Food by visiting Khoob Ast. Get flavorsome and mouth-watering food, humble and friendly service, and a cheerful and lively ambiance at one place, Khoob Ast, but the price is a little high.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

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Updated Jun 06, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The price is a bit high.

Interested in trying some Afghan cuisine? Check out Khoob Ast.

One day, my siblings and I were talking about the Desi food and the topic of distinctiveness of Afghani cuisine, including things like how they put raisins in their pulao. As a result, we made the decision to go to Khoob Ast, an Afghan restaurant.

There are many different categories of Afghan foods at Khoob Ast, which is well known for them. They also offer other desi options in addition to afghani food.

The Afghani Pulao is this restaurant’s best dish. You can add it to your must-try list to avoid missing it.


For serving high-quality food, Khoob Ast has a stellar reputation. Along with some of the most well-known Pakistani dishes, the menu offers a variety of Afghani dishes.

The Afghani Pulao served by Khoob Ast was a  flavorful dish, perfect for a family dinner outing. A  freshly-made broth adds flavor to the perfectly cooked rice. The pulao’s meat was tendered. The flavor was good all around. Adding carrots and raisins to pulao gives it a unique flavor and a twist.

You must try their Lahori Steam Charga, which was finger-licking and filling, before leaving Khoob Ast. Their Rosh included mutton, aloo, daal, and shorba, which was delicious. In case you didn’t know, soaking Naan pieces in the shorba is the proper way to eat it!

Roghni Naan had a flavor that was out of this world. The naan had a lightly crisp outer layer and was soft and fluffy inside.


Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change.

With excellent quality also comes a great price. The food was so tempting and divine that you will keep coming back. Therefore, compared to the food, the price was a bit high but worth it. We ordered three dishes, whose values are as follows:

  • Afghani Pulao (Half): PKR 350
  • Beef Rosh: PKR 700
  • Lahori Steam Chargah (Half): PKR 700
  • Roghni Naan (Each): PKR 80

The food made up for it, though.


Attentive and effective customer service can be found at the Khoob Ast. For order taking and food delivery, the waiters were always available. I had a lot of questions about the menu, and they were courteous and happy to answer them all. Although service might get a little slow during busy times, it’s worth the wait for the quality of the food offered.


Khoob Ast has a positive, energetic atmosphere. While you are eating, expect to be surrounded by the sounds of laughter and conversation.

It’s ideal for big groups of people. The restaurant is roomy and has plenty of takhts for patrons to sit on. However, men predominate more than families. There aren’t many families who go there.

Honorable Mentions:  

Along with Afghani food, they also sell a variety of desi foods like BBQ, Handi, and Karahi. You can choose to consume something that matches your preferences or mood. Additionally, if you’re looking for something light to eat, try one of their chicken or beef rolls. You won’t be dissatisfied.

Final Verdict:

With its tranquil and inviting ambiance, Al Ghousia Beef Pulao is an ideal choice for gatherings of friends or families. The restaurant offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere that complements the consistently delicious and fresh food they serve. Additionally, the friendly and efficient service further enhances the dining experience. If you’re in the mood to explore Afghan cuisine, I highly recommend visiting Khoob Ast. For additional savings on your culinary adventures, Try Savyour, which allows you to save for your next meal at your favorite eateries. And if you prefer the convenience of enjoying food from the comfort of your own home, give foodpanda a try.

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