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Reviewing Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds

Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable pair of earbuds with superior audio quality and advanced features. Whether you are an audiophile, tech-savvy user, or casual listener, these earbuds should not disappoint.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jun 12, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

3,999.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Average battery life.
  • No wireless or fast charging.
  • Limited color options.

Embarking on a journey through Lenovo’s lineup of earbuds, from ThinkPlus LP1 to LP40 Pro, has been an exciting experience for me. With each new release, this brand doesn’t cease to impress me with its innovative features and improved performance while being light on the pocket.

This time, I had the pleasure of trying out their latest release to the LP series; Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds, and I couldn’t wait to share my insights on the enhancements they bring to the table. So let’s begin right away.

Design of Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds 

  • Sleek and Stylish, Just the Way I Like It

The Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds come in two elegant color options: black and white, offering choices that suit all styles and preferences. I personally like the white as it brings a certain air of sophistication and minimalism, but the black option stays true to Lenovo’s classic design.

The transparent top of the charging case adds a touch of sophistication, while the round shape and lightweight design of the earbuds, weighing just 3.5 grams each, make them a pleasure to wear. These earbuds are both comfortable and waterproof, so I can use them during tough workouts or when it’s raining without worrying about them getting damaged.

Features and Controls of Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds

  • A Seamless Experience Tailored to My Needs

One of the standout features of the Lenovo LP80 is the Enhanced Noise Cancellation (ENC), which effectively reduces unwanted background noise, allowing me to immerse myself fully in my music or calls.

Additionally, using these earbuds independently is convenient thanks to the synchronization, as it allows me to enjoy my music the way I like. 

The earbuds also boast low-latency gaming capabilities, perfect for those gaming sessions where every millisecond matters. And it has touch controls that offer a convenient way to manage my music playback, calls, and other functions without needing to reach for my phone, keeping me in control of my audio journey.

Audio Quality of Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds

  • A Harmonious Blend of Clarity and Bass

The Lenovo LP80 Wireless earbuds deliver a rich audio experience focusing on bass and low-frequency response. The specially tuned Hi-Fi drivers ensure that every beat and note is precise and clear to my ears.

The large-sized moving coil in this accessory enhances the sound details in the transient sound field, resulting in an immersive listening experience. Whether I’m enjoying my favorite tracks or diving into a captivating podcast, the LP80’s audio quality never fails to impress.

Connectivity and Calls of Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds

  • Seamless Connections and Crystal-Clear Conversations

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the Lenovo LP80 earbuds offer stable and fast transmission, ensuring a reliable connection without annoying disruptions. The improved stability is particularly noticeable during gaming sessions, where low latency is crucial for a smooth and immersive experience.

When it comes to calls, the built-in sensitive microphone and enhanced noise reduction technology guarantee HD call quality, allowing me to engage in clear and uninterrupted conversations. The LP80 truly excels in providing an immersive audio experience, whether I’m enjoying my favorite content or engaging in important calls.

Battery Life of Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds

  • Power That Keeps Up With Me

The Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds last 3-4 hours on one charge, which is good enough for my daily tasks. I can continue using them longer without worrying about the battery, as the charging case can provide up to 20 hours of total endurance.

Plus, the convenience of Type-C charging ensures a hassle-free charging experience. Although wireless or fast charging is not supported, the 1.5-hour charging time balances convenience and efficiency.


Best for

Battery life
20 hours 

About the Brand
The company offers many laptops, computers, and other devices designed to meet different users’ needs. Lenovo also has many accessories that enhance its products’ functionality.

Final Verdict

  • A Sound Investment for Your Audio Needs

The Lenovo LP80 Wireless Earbuds embody the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences. With their sleek design, comfortable fit, and water resistance, these earbuds are perfect companions for daily activities and workouts. The advanced features, including ENC, low latency gaming, and touch controls, cater to the needs of tech-savvy users.

The audio quality, focusing on bass and clarity, provides a satisfying listening experience across various genres. While the battery life may not be the longest in the market, it offers a decent duration to keep you entertained throughout the day.

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Color Black/White
Weight 3.5gm
Dimensions N/A
Water resistance Life Waterproof
Battery life 20 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

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