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Reviewing of Lenovo TW60 Earbuds: Unique Design and Impressive Performance

Lenovo TW60 Earbuds offer an immersive audio experience combined with a unique design and impressive performance. They provide wireless audio, seamless functionality, and long-lasting battery life, making them the perfect companion.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jun 12, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

3,469.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • No wireless charging capability.
  • No ANC.

Gamers, music, or movie enthusiasts all want an uncompromised sound performance in their wireless audio experience. They have a slide-out earbud design providing ease of convenience. The seamless functionality and the immersive high sound quality blew me away. 

Lenovo’s commitment to bring its users the best of products at an affordable price shines through yet again. They have pushed through the boundaries of what earbuds can offer, providing a remarkable audio experience for every occasion. Join me as I dig around and get to know more about its features like connectivity, audio quality, battery life, and more, and discover how the Lenovo TW60 Earbuds can be the best earbuds for you.

Lenovo TW60 Earbuds Design

When I first saw the Lenovo TW60 Earbuds, I was captivated by their never seen design. The three color options, black, beige, and white, allowed me to choose the perfect match for my style. Personally, I opted for the sleek and sophisticated black variant.

As I inserted the earbuds, they fit my ear canal comfortably without applying any pressure, ensuring a pleasant and secure fit even during intense workout sessions. The skin-friendly material added to the overall comfort, and I never had to worry about them falling out while being active.

I like how the earbuds have a slide-in and slide-out mechanism. It’s refreshing to see something new after a long time. The earbuds hide when they slide in,  so sudden falls and dust won’t damage these unique accessories. Moreover, the durable and sturdy build assured me that these earbuds to withstand my busy lifestyle.

Lenovo TW60 Earbuds Connectivity and Call Quality

Equipped with the upgraded Bluetooth 5.3, the Lenovo TW60 Earbuds gave me faster connection speeds and higher stability. However, it is important to know that the connection speed was a bit slow, sometimes taking around 7-8 seconds to connect with my phone. Once connected, you can enjoy a stable, uninterrupted connection, providing my music and videos to play without disruptions.

The call quality was average due to the faltering microphone performance. Still, the silicon wheat high-definition calls effectively reduced environmental noise, ensuring clear vocals from the other end and calling even in noisy surroundings.

Lenovo TW60 Earbuds Audio Quality

Immersing myself in the Lenovo TW60 Earbuds’ audio experience was a delight. The 13mm sound unit and the metal composite moving coil horn delivered a wide range of sound frequencies, resulting in transparent trebles and precise in-ear audio.

Whether I was gaming, listening to music, or watching movies, these earbuds truly brought every detail to life. To put these earbuds to the ultimate test, I played one of my all-time favorite songs, “Saiyaan” by Kailash Kher. And I felt I was transported into a world where I could feel every emotion and detail of the music touching my soul.

As the most awaited part, “Tu Jo Choo Le Piyar Se,” played, I felt like my heart was full of love. The lines made me feel happy and it reminded me of good memories. It was like a big hug, filling me with warmth and kindness that I could still feel while writing this.

Lenovo TW60 Earbuds Battery Life

One charge allows 4 hours of juice, but the combined battery lasts a staggering 24 hours. It allows me to stay connected on the go, with little to worry about recharging. 

The Lenovo TW60 Earbuds support Type-C USB charging capability, offering lasting endurance and faster, more stable charging. The charging case further adds convenience. Now charge these headphones whenever, wherever, making them your perfect on-the-go companions.


Best for

Battery life
24 hours 

About the Brand
The company offers many laptops, computers, and other devices designed to meet different users’ needs. Lenovo also has many accessories that enhance its products’ functionality.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, my experience with the Lenovo TW60 Earbuds has been nothing short of exceptional. The unique design, impressive audio quality, and convenient features won me.

Although the call quality and connection speed had some room for improvement, the overall performance and value these earbuds offer are commendable. If you seek earbuds that deliver a remarkable audio experience while boasting a sleek design, I highly recommend the Lenovo TW60 Earbuds.

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Color White/Black/Beig
Weight Lightweight
Dimensions N/A
Water resistance No
Battery life 4 hours, 24 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3

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