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Line ‘Em Up: Our Favorite Pakistani Lip Liners to Define Your Lips

Lip liners are a must-have and these hand-picked options are sure to make your lips look their best. With the right lip liner, you can define and shape your pout, keep lipstick from bleeding, and create a variety of looks with ease.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

Beauty Enthusiast and Researcher

Samara Hasan, a passionate writer exploring the beauty world, shares research-based insights and practical tips on fragrances, makeup, skincare, and haircare with utmost enthusiasm.

With an engaging style and dedication to accuracy, Samara empowers readers to make informed beauty choices. Her interdisciplinary approach connects beauty to other aspects of life, promoting a holistic perspective for overall well-being.

Updated Apr 25, 2023

These lipliners will give you something to smile about!

Hey there, fellow beauty babes! Today, let’s chat about one of our favorite makeup products – lip liners! These little lip products have come a long way since their inception in the early 1900s. Back then, they were simply used to outline the lips, but now they’re an absolute essential in every makeup bag.

Lip liners are truly one of the most versatile products out there offered by beauty brands. Not only do they help define and shape your lips, but they also keep your lipstick from bleeding and make it last longer. 

Plus, they come in so many different colors and formulas that you can use them to create a variety of lip looks.

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I’ve done my fair share of testing out various lip liners. And let me tell you, there are some amazing local makeup products out there! That’s why your girl GlowPro is here to bring you some of the top picks for the best lip liners on the market.

Rivaj UK – Lipstick Pencil for Smooth Application

Let me spill the beans on Rivaj UK Lipstick Pencil! This little baby glides on like butter, prevents bleeding, and defines my lips naturally.

Plus, the creamy, hydrating formula with vitamin C keeps my lips smooth and full. Say hello to lasting color and buh-bye to lip lines!

What We Don’t Like

  • Not fade-proof

Price: PKR 165

Texture: Creamy | Shades: 29 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Bling by Nadia Hussain – BlingLip Pencil for High Pigmentation

The first thing I noticed about BlingLip Pencil was the high pigmentation – this baby packs a punch! The color is so rich and vibrant, it really makes my lips pop.

However, I did notice that the texture was quite dry, so make sure you moisturize your lips beforehand.

Despite the dry texture, I found that the pencil glides on smoothly and provides excellent definition. I love how it makes my lips look fuller and more defined, without being too harsh.

What We Don’t Like

  • Dry formula

Price: PKR 388

Texture: Dry | Shades: 8 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Luscious Cosmetics – Ultra Smooth Lip Liner for Silky Texture

The texture of Ultra Smooth Lip Liner by Luscious Cosmetics is super smooth and silky, which makes it an absolute dream to apply. It effortlessly defines my lip shape, contours, and enhances my pout, whether I’m wearing it alone, with lipstick, or with lip gloss.

But the best part? This liner is totally smudge-proof and feathering is a thing of the past. Plus, the staying power is top-notch, which is essential for long days and nights out on the town.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not transfer-proof

Price: PKR 650

Texture: Silky | Shades: 2 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

WB by Hemani – Super Soft Lip Liner for Creamy Formula

Super Soft Lip Liner by WB by Hemani is made in Germany and is loaded with marula oil and chamomile extract, making it a total dream to apply. And the best part? It lasts for 7 hours with no feathering in sight! So go ahead, pucker up, and let the compliments roll in.

What We Don’t Like

  • Pricey

Price: PKR 800

Texture: Smooth | Shades: 2 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Kashees Makeup – Lip Liner for Variety of Shades

Kashees Makeup Lip Liner, is a total game-changer! The extensive variety of shades is amazing, and the high pigmentation is seriously on another level. The velvety texture gives a perfect pointy look and it can be worn alone, with lipstick, or with lip gloss. It’s a must-have in any makeup lover’s collection!

What We Don’t Like

  • Not smudge-proof

Price: PKR 350

Texture: Velvety | Shades: 45 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Sapphire Cosmetics – Lip Contour Pencil for Contouring

Sapphire Cosmetics’ Lip Contour Pencil has so many shades to choose from that I can always find the perfect one for any look. 

And the high pigmentation and smooth texture make my lips look and feel amazing. It helps my lip color last for hours, and it works for all skin types. This pencil is a must-have in my makeup bag!

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Price: PKR 990

Texture: Smooth | Shades: 21 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

WB by Hemani – Peary Proud Smooth Matte Lip Pencil for Every Mood

Peary Proud Smooth Matte Lip Pencil from WB by Hemani has a silky texture. This sharpenable pencil is like velvet on my lips, and the matte finish is absolutely gorgeous. I love how comfortable it feels to wear, and the range of shades is out of this world.

Whether I’m feeling neutral or bold, there’s a color for every mood. And the best part? No feathering! It defines my lips and glides on smoothly with every application.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not transfer-proof

Price: PKR 700

Texture: Silky | Shades: 8 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Rivaj UK – Lip & Eye Pencil for Multitasking

Rivaj UK’s Lip & Eye Pencil is a multitasking magician! It glides on like butter thanks to its ultra-suave and velvety formula, and let me tell you, it lasts FOREVER! The rich shades are to die for, and they’re perfect for lining, priming, coloring, and highlighting both eyes and lips.

The soft texture makes application a breeze, and there’s absolutely no feathering, fading, or bleeding. It’s like having a secret weapon in my makeup bag!

What We Don’t Like

  • Not smudge-proof

Price: PKR 95

Texture: Soft | Shades: 33 | Cruelty-Free: Yes

Lip Liner Hacks for Defined Lips

“Now that you know about some of the best lip liners on the market, let’s talk about a few tips and tricks to help make your lips look their best. Here are my top four lip liner hacks for defined, shiny lips:

1. Start with moisturized lips: This will ensure that your lip liner glides on smoothly and your lips look hydrated.

2. Choose a shade that matches or is slightly darker than your desired lipstick color: This will help to define and add depth to your lip shape.

3. Create an ombré effect: Use two different shades of lip liner, one slightly darker and the one lighter than the desired lipstick color, to create an ombré look.

4. Apply a dab of gloss in the center of your lips: This will help to create a full, glossy finish!

Using these lip liner hacks will give you gorgeous, defined lips that are sure to draw attention!”


Alright, my fellow beauty lovers, we’ve come to the end of our lip liner journey! But fear not, because, with these top picks, you’ll have the perfect pout in no time. Whether you’re going for a bold and bright look or a natural and subtle vibe, there’s a lip liner out there for you.

And the best part? If you shop with these hand-picked beauty brands through Savyour, you can earn cashback on your purchases. That’s right, you can look fabulous and save some cash at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Get those lips lined and get ready to slay!

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