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Logitech G433 Review: A Mixed Bag of Gaming Audio

The Logitech G433 is an all-rounded gaming headset, providing the necessary features and performance for most users. While its sound quality may be slightly lacking compared to pricier alternatives, it performs well in gaming scenarios and domestic environments.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jul 24, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

13,000.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Mediocre sound isolation.
  • Ear cups can get warm.
  • Average microphone quality.

After thoroughly testing and experiencing the Logitech G433 gaming headset, I think it offers a mixed bag of performance. While it boasts a sleek and minimalist design, the headset lacks sound quality and comfort. Although it serves its purpose well and provides an enjoyable gaming experience, it struggles to stand out among other headsets in the same price range.

Logitech is a famous brand when it comes to gaming headphones or accessories. In this review of G433, I will delve into the design, comfort, build quality, controls, connectivity, audio quality, noise cancellation, and microphone performance of the Logitech G433. Join me as I share my insights and opinions on this gaming headset, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

Design of Logitech G433: Minimalist Appeal with a Personalized Touch

The Logitech gaming headset features a unique fabric texture on the ear cups and a plastic headband with a touch of cushioning. The ability to tilt and swivel the ear cups allows for a customizable fit, ensuring they sit comfortably on my head. Personally, I appreciate the headset’s minimalist visual design, free from unnecessary decorations or RGB lighting.

Comfort & Build of Logitech G433: A Slight Compromise

Initially, the Logitech G433 feels comfortable to wear, but the fabric used on the ear cups can become harsh and slightly uncomfortable after extended gaming sessions. While this wasn’t a significant issue for me, it might agitate some individuals.

Thankfully, the package includes more comfortable ear pads that can be swapped, although they can be challenging to remove and replace. Additionally, two different cables, a splitter for PCs with separate jacks, and a carrying case add value and convenience.

Controls & Connectivity of Logitech G433: Logitech G HUB App

The G433 gaming headset lacks onboard controls, but the two included audio cables offer different control options. The shorter cable, designed for smartphones, features an inline microphone and a multifunction button. The longer cable, intended for gaming PCs, incorporates a convenient mute/unmute switch.

Most of the remaining controls can be accessed and adjusted through the Logitech G HUB app, which provides customization options for EQ profiles, microphone settings, and the 7.1 DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound feature. While the app is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for Logitech product owners, except for Linux users.

Audio Quality of Logitech G433: A Balanced Yet Flawed Soundscape

The Logitech G433 exhibits a slightly bass-heavy sound profile, which is common among gaming headsets. The emphasis on bass frequencies and certain high-end frequencies positions the headset within its price range, but it may not meet the standard of the best headphones.

However, for gaming purposes, the sound quality is satisfactory. During my gaming sessions, the headset effectively conveyed the chaos of in-game actions, such as gunfire and explosions, providing an immersive experience. However, when listening to music, the G433’s flaws become more apparent, particularly with an overemphasis on bass and certain instruments.

Noise Cancellation & Microphone: Moderate Noise Isolation, Decent Microphone

The Logitech G433 offers moderate noise isolation, effectively reducing conversations and quiet background music in my surroundings. However, louder noises can still be audible, limiting their effectiveness in noisy environments. While it may not match headsets with active noise cancellation, it performs well in domestic settings.

The detachable boom microphone included in this gaming headset delivers satisfactory performance for Discord calls, work meetings, and in-game voice chat. However, for professional voice-over work, alternative options would be more suitable. Additionally, the shorter headphone cable features a second-in-line microphone, useful for situations where the boom mic may be conspicuous.


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About the Brand
Logitech is a renowned brand specializing in computer peripherals, known for its high-quality and innovative products worldwide.

Final Verdict

The Logitech G433 is worth investing in for anyone seeking a decent gaming headset that delivers satisfactory performance for its price. Its minimalist design, customizable fit, and inclusion of extra accessories add value to the package.

If you’re primarily focused on gaming and prioritize affordability, the Logitech G433 can be a reliable option. Remember, you can find the best price for this headset in Pakistan at Daraz; you can also avail cashback on your purchase from Savyour.


Color Black/Red/Blue
Weight 104gm
Driver 40mm
Water resistance No
Sound 7.1 Surround Sound
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack

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