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Mélange For Her by Sapphire: A Review on an Amazing Scent

If you are looking for a new scent then Mélange For Her by Sapphire is just the one that suits your personality. Its floral aromas are romantic and soft that makes this amazing scent perfect for night time wear.

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Glow Pro

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Updated Jan 03, 2023

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3,990.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Lettering on the bottle can be improved.

Something unique that amazes your senses!

I’m not very girly. I don’t usually wear makeup, and I don’t like floral scents. But all my perceptions changed when my best friend gifted me a bottle of Mélange For Her by Sapphire. I was doubtful for a moment but I gave it a try. I mean, how could a perfume that’s inspired by floral aromas possibly be good? But boy, was I wrong.

Symphony of the Notes!

After spraying it for the first time, I felt transported to a blooming garden. The top notes were aquatic and melon with cyclamen appearing soon after, followed by freesia. 

Lily of the valley was present in full force, while rosewood filled up any gaps remaining between mosses. All of these smells together created an experience of standing in the garden surrounded by flowers.

I was so surprised by how much I loved it! It was romantic and soft and Subtle—exactly the kind of feminine scent that I had been looking for. It always managed to hit the right mood, whether I was going on a date or just hanging out with friends at night.

Accessory looks!

My eyes immediately lock onto its gorgeous crystal bottle that has golden liquid. The transparent bottle lets me know whenever there is a need for replacement. The bottle is handy and smooth in my hands, and the gold cap sparkles in the light.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for

Artisan EDP


How to Apply
For a prolonged fragrance experience, apply petroleum jelly before spraying perfumes. Spray it onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears and on the neck).

Best for

About the Brand
Sapphire Fragrances were launched in 2020. Their fragrances are handmade in Spain with the highest quality ingredients.

Floral, Spicy, Woody

Top Notes
Aquatic Notes, Melon, Cyclamen, Freesia, Lotus.

Heart Notes
Clove Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Peony, Osmanthus, Cedarwood.

Base Notes
Rose Wood, Tuberose, Amber, Sandal, Mosses.

Ending Note

If you’re looking for a perfume that’s romantic and soft and feminine, then Mélange For Her by Sapphire is just the one for you. Whether you’re looking for a new scent or just want to try something different, Mélange For Her by Sapphire is worth a try!

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