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Memories by Bonanza Satrangi: A Refreshing Scent to Keep Me Company

Memories by Bonanza Satrangi is a fragrance for those who want to feel energetic and refreshed. It is a scent for daytime wear. When applied on a busy day, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Its bottle is travel-friendly and gorgeous.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jun 13, 2023

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A scent to refresh me through the day

I am a finance executive, a student, and a part-time freelancer. And to top it all off, I have the character traits of a workaholic. My busy schedule doesn’t leave me much time to myself. Since I am always on the go, I carry my important stuff.  I always have an extra pair of clothes in my office, a make-up bag, and my favorite fragrance that lasts me all day. These days Memories by Bonanza Satrangi has taken my favorite perfume title.

A Scent to Remember

The scent of this fragrance takes me back to my childhood days. I was free from the responsibilities of the world. The carefree days spent lounging in the park with my friends. Days I would spend in bed, reading my favorite books. When the only thing I had to worry about was my monthly tests. Running on the beach and diving in the water.

The refreshment of youth made me own my freedom. This perfume reminds me of all these memories of days when I felt young and unrestrained. This scent makes me smile because it gives me a sense of normalcy.

Memories is a perfect daytime scent that does justice to Bonanza Satrangi’s fame for fresh perfumes. Its top notes are sweet and fruity, reminding me of a sunny beach day. It feels like the first ray of sunshine that falls on the still water. The heart notes of Memories are a refreshing blast of citrus like a lemonade under the sizzling sun. The base of this fragrance is a blend of floral and woody, and they feel like sitting under a cherry blossom tree.

A Bottle to Remember

The blue-tinted crystalline bottle of Memories is ravishing. It has a golden-colored cap that is uniquely shaped. The packaging in which Memories comes has a nostalgic feel to it. The design is immaculately made that can transport me to my past.

Besides having a nostalgic feel to it which hits my sentiments, it also contains all the information about the scent it holds. Its bottle has a clear glass design which lets me see the scent inside, so, I always know when to buy more. And the best part about it is that it is travel-friendly, so it is a scent that always keeps me company.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for


100 ml

How to Apply
To prolong this fragrance, spray Memories by Bonanza Satrangi onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and neck).

Best for

About the Brand
Bonanza Satrangi fragrances were introduced in 2017 and offer luxury and affordable men, women, and unisex perfumes. Bonanza Satrangi has elegant packaging.

Top Notes
Sweet, Fruity.

Heart Notes

Base Notes
Floral, Woody.

Ending Note

All things considered, the sweet and fruity top notes and the citrusy heart notes make sure that the wearer is feel refreshed. The base notes of floral and woody serve a calming effect. It is an ideal perfume for daytime wear. It is a deserving addition to every woman’s collection. Its bottle is gorgeous and serves a practical purpose. 

Plus, if you’re looking for a travel buddy then this fragrance is for you. So, refresh your days by reminiscing good memories with Memories by Bonanza Satrangi.

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