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In the Mood for Cocoa: A Review of Mood Coffee Bar

Mood Coffee Bar is a hidden gem for coffee lovers. Although the prices may be on the higher side, the quality of the beverages cannot be denied. All in all, it's an oasis of taste and charm that you must try!

Updated Jul 03, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Expensive prices
  • Limited access for some

Ah, life’s little detours! It was a scorching summer afternoon when fate (or my unreliable sense of direction) led me astray. The sun’s fiery gaze relentlessly beat down upon me, causing beads of perspiration to form on my forehead.  As I sought refuge from the oppressive heat, my wandering feet carried me towards what I thought was a sanctuary, only to realize I had taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. But little did I know that this unexpected detour had taken me to Mood Coffee Bar. I suppose things do work out in the end. Let’s dive in, and I’ll tell you what exactly is so great about Mood Coffee Bar. Shall we?

So, what’s on the Menu?

  1. Coffee
  2. Mocktails/Cocktails
  3. Shakes
  4. Iced Tea
  5. Iced/Cold Coffee

Taste: A Cuppa Carnival

     1. Coffee

Cappuccino: Ah, the classic cappuccino with the comforting espresso and velvety milk. With each sip, my taste buds were serenaded by the dance of bold, robust coffee flavors and the delicate embrace of frothy foam. It was like a warm hug for my soul, awakening my senses with a burst of caffeinated bliss. The perfect impromptu mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

Price: PKR 495

     2. Mocktails/Cocktails

Apple Mint Margarita: Whisk away to a tropical paradise! The Apple Mint Margarita blended the tangy sweetness of ripe apples with the invigorating freshness of mint. Served over crushed ice, it transported me to a sun-kissed beach, where the playful tang of apple intertwined with the cooling essence of mint, leaving me refreshed, rejuvenated, and yearning for more of this fruity oasis in a glass.

Price: PKR 430

My Favorite

Dark Mocha Frappe
A decadent indulgence that will send your chocolate-loving heart into a frenzy of delight! The Dark Mocha Frappe was luscious of rich, velvety chocolate and robust espresso with icy smoothness. As I took my first sip, a wave of pure chocolaty bliss swept over me, leaving me in a state of caffeinated euphoria. It was like a sinfully delicious dessert in a cup, an icy treat that melted away the cares of the world, replacing them with an irresistible chocolate-infused joy.

Price: PKR 620

     3. Shakes

Oreo Shake: This heavenly creation was a delightful blend of creamy milk, velvety vanilla ice cream, and the iconic crunch of Oreo cookies. The cookies crumbled and mingled with the smooth milkshake, transporting me back to the carefree days of yesteryear. It was pure bliss in a glass, a sweet treat that awakened my inner child and left me with an insatiable craving for more Oreo-infused happiness.

Price: PKR 465

     4. Iced Tea

Iced Peach Tea: Allow me to introduce you to the epitome of refreshment on a scorching summer day. With its golden hue, this tea captivated my senses from the very first sip. The sweet, succulent essence of ripe peaches danced upon my palate, harmonizing with the brisk, revitalizing notes of perfectly brewed tea. Each sip was like a cool breeze on a sweltering day, a burst of fruity goodness that quenched my thirst and left me feeling rejuvenated, as if I had taken a sip of pure sunshine.

Price: PKR 440

     5. Iced/Cold Coffee

Caramel Iced Latte: Prepare to be seduced by the creamy, caramelized magic of the Caramel Iced Latte. It was decadent: the robust bitterness of coffee intertwined flawlessly with the sweet allure of caramel. Sipping this delightful concoction was like indulging in a guilt-free dessert, making me fall head over heels for the world of coffee all over again.

Price: PKR 590

Price: Not All Sunshine and Roses

Disclaimer: The prices quoted above are at the time of publishing. They are subject to change.

Cha-ching! As I checked the bill, my excitement took a brief pause when my eyes scanned the prices. Alas, this oasis of taste and charm had its fair share of expensive sips, putting it on par with the other beverage spots in the cityNo sugar coating this one, my dear caffeinated comrades. Quality comes at a cost, and while the flavors were delightful, my wallet let out a tiny sigh of resignation. But fear not, for in the grand scheme of caffeinated things, sometimes a spend is well worth it!

Service: Bubbling with Pleasantness

The service was like a delightful bubble bath for the soul – fine and pleasantly invigorating. I vividly recall a moment when I couldn’t decide between two equally enticing frappes. Sensing my indecisiveness, the barista effortlessly stepped in and recommended the Dark Mocha Frappe. This willingness to go the extra mile left me feeling truly valued as a customer. With service like that, it’s no wonder that Mood Coffee Bar stands out so much.

Hygiene: Sips that Sparkled

The hygiene was as refreshing as the drinks themselves. With every sip, I relished the assurance that the beverages were freshly made, crafted with quality ingredients that tickled my taste buds just right. Never once did I have a flicker of doubt that I was imbibing anything stale or rotten. So fear not, fellow caffeine enthusiasts, for in this pristine haven, your sips shall be as pure as the morning dew on a sun-kissed petal.

Accessibility: The Hidden Charms of Mood

Oh, the elusive charm of Mood Coffee Bar! Situated at Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, this café may not be conveniently located for all to reach. Alas, it graces us with only a single branch. But Mood Coffee Bar had a trick up its sleeve – the mighty FoodPanda delivery service! With a few taps on my phone, the ethereal beverages of Mood Coffee Bar were magically transported to my doorstep.

Final Verdict

The verdict? Mood Coffee Bar is a coffee-lover’s paradise. With each sip, I felt my worries drift away and was replaced by an intoxicating sense of happiness. So if you’re ever in the mood for cocoa, then head on over to Mood Coffee Bar!  Amidst a plethora of tantalizing beverage destinations, Savyour stands tall, beckoning with open arms and a sprinkle of magic.

Brace yourself, my friend, for not only will your taste buds be treated to wondrous delights, but you shall also be rewarded with the enchantment of cashback! Why linger in hesitation when Savyour awaits, ready to redefine your beverage journey in ways that will leave you twirling with delight? 

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