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Chillax and Chill: A Review of Mövenpick Ice Cream

If you’re looking to spoil yourself with an unforgettable treat, look no further than Mövenpick Ice Cream. Plus, with prices that range from pocket-friendly to luxurious, Mövenpick has something for everyone!

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

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Updated Aug 08, 2023

Editor’s Rating


What we don’t like

  • The price may be a bit steep for some people
  • Limited seating in some branches

Hold up, you might be thinking, “Mövenpick has ice cream? Really?” Oh, yes! And trust me, it’s not just any ice cream, it’s actually quite famous. Huh! Who would’ve thought? I didn’t know that Mövenpick had ice cream either, but boy, am I glad I discovered it – and now, so will you!

I’ll be the first to admit that I consider myself a seasoned ice cream veteran. I’ve slurped my way through all the major ice cream parlors in Karachi, savoring every creamy spoonful. But little did I know that Mövenpick’s ice cream journey would take me to new heights of frozen pleasure! Color me curious!

So, what’s on the Menu?

  1. Scoop’s
  2. Kids Lover
  3. The Mövenpick Classic
  4. Trio Coupes
  5. The Mövenpick Platter

Taste: From Alps to Cones

     1. Scoop’s

Available Sizes: Single Scoop, Double Scoops, Triple Scoops, Six Scoops, Eight Scoops, Twelve Scoops

Blueberry Cheesecake: Let’s start with the magnificent Blueberry Cheesecake, a creamy cheesecake goodness swirled with tangy blueberry delight. Each spoonful whisked me away to dessert paradise, and I couldn’t help but do a happy dance with every luscious bite. It’s like tasting a little slice of heaven right in your ice cream bowl!

Price (Single Scoop): Cup – PKR 679, Cone – PKR 1079

Panna Cotta: It’s smooth, velvety, and oh-so-silky. With each spoonful, I felt like I was gliding through a creamy dreamland. The delicate flavors caressed my taste buds, and I could practically feel my worries melting away. Move over, unicorns; this Panna Cotta takes the crown for being the most enchanting treat I’ve ever tasted! Bravo, Mövenpick, bravo!

Price (Single Scoop): Cup – PKR 679, Cone – PKR 1079

     2. Kids Lover

Black and White: It’s like diving into a pool of chocolatey delight and emerging as the champion of dessert satisfaction. The velvety Stracciatella ice cream mingled perfectly with the crunchy cookies and decadent chocolate sauce. And the whipped cream on top was like a cloud of pure joy! It’s an ice cream masterpiece that deserves a standing ovation!

Price: PKR 1190

My Favorite

Maple Walnut
Oh, the essence of fall in a single scoop. As soon as I tasted the rich, caramel-like maple ice cream intertwined with crunchy walnut goodness, I was smitten. It was like the crisp autumn air and the warmth of a cozy fireplace all wrapped up in a blissful ice cream moment. This one left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside!

Price (Single Scoop)
Cup – PKR 679, Cone – PKR 1079

Peach Melba
A delightful medley of Vanilla Dream ice cream, poached peaches, ravishing raspberry sauce, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of toasted almonds on a wafer biscuit. My taste buds went into full-on celebration mode! The vanilla ice cream was dreamier than ever, and combined with the fruitiness of peaches and raspberries, made me feel like I was basking in the sunshine of an eternal summer. Oh, and the crunch of those almonds? Divine!

PKR 2150

     3. The Mövenpick Classic

Caramel Deluxe: A heavenly blend of velvety chocolate and rich salted caramel ice cream, beautifully mingling with the sweet swirls of Caramelita ice cream. But the magic didn’t stop there – oh no! Caramelized nuts added a satisfying crunch, while the caramel sauce cascaded down like a golden river of pure bliss. And that dollop of fluffy whipped cream and crispy wafer? Just the cherry on top! Each spoonful was an explosion of luscious caramel goodness, leaving me swirling in a caramel dreamland!

Price: PKR 2150 

     4. Trio Coupes

Raspberry Highlight: Now, let me take you to a berry paradise! With the first taste of their Strawberry Ice Cream, I was transported to a sunny strawberry patch, where the berries were plump, juicy, and bursting with flavor. And then came the Raspberry and Strawberry Sorbet, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, refreshing and invigorating. The whipped cream and berry sauce elevated the experience, adding a delicate fruity sweetness. It was like a romantic dance of strawberries and raspberries, and my heart skipped a beat with every bite!

Price: PKR 2600

     5. The Mövenpick Platter

TEE TEE: Can you imagine being presented with not just one, two, or three scoops, but SIX scoops of Mövenpick Ice Cream of your choice? It’s a dream come true! And the joy doesn’t stop there, my friend. Fresh salad and fruit sauce brought a delightful twist, adding a burst of freshness that complemented the creamy indulgence perfectly. Garnished with a delicate wafer biscuit and mint leaves, it was a sight to behold and an experience beyond compare! I felt like ice cream royalty, reigning over a kingdom of delightful flavors.

Price: PKR 4750 

Price: Licking Money

Disclaimer: The prices quoted above are at the time of publishing. They are subject to change.

No one goes to Mövenpick to eat on a budget. If you believe that misconception, you’re in for a surprise as sweet as their ice cream! I stepped into Mövenpick with excitement in my heart and cash in hand. The temptation was real, but I couldn’t ignore the prices that accompanied these icy delights. 

Now, I’m no stranger to spending on sweet treats, but Mövenpick had me contemplating my dessert devotion. The truth was clear – this was not the place for those seeking pocket-friendly ice cream options. If you’re someone who does not prefer to spend lavishly on food, maybe try other, more economical restaurants in Karachi.

Service: In the Lap of Luxury

It’s like being pampered in an ice cream palace! I mean, what did expect anything less from Mövenpick? Their service is the stuff of legends, and boy, does it show! Fast and efficient? Oh, you bet! 

They moved like ice cream ninjas, serving up scoops of joy with lightning speed and finesse. No complaints, none whatsoever! It was an experience fit for ice cream royalty, and Mövenpick reigns supreme in their art of treating customers like absolute dessert VIPs!

Accessibility: Scooping the Scoop

Believe it or not, Mövenpick’s accessibility is within arm’s reach! Mövenpick seems to have sprinkled their branches all over the city, like frozen treasures waiting to be discovered. From Ocean Mall to Dolmen City Mall to the Main 26th Street of Defence Housing Authority, a Mövenpick ice cream is just a scoop away! 

And if you’re not in the mood to venture out, fear not! They’ve got their own delivery service, ensuring ice cream delights come knocking at your door. And as if that’s not enough, they’ve joined forces with FoodPanda too! So, whether you’re a wanderer in search of icy wonders or a homebody seeking sweet comfort, Mövenpick has got your back. Accessibility? Oh, they’ve got it licked!

Final Verdict

Whether it’s for an adventure-filled date night or a family outing, you can trust Mövenpick to elevate any dessert situation to dizzying heights of sweet ecstasy. So, chill and chillax – Mövenpick has got your ice cream cravings covered! 

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