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Reviewing Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset Review

Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset is a fantastic choice for gamers seeking budget-friendly, wireless freedom without compromising on sound quality or comfort. Its durable build and good audio performance offer immersive gaming experiences.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jun 12, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

12,999.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • No ANC
  • Design; not so classy
  • Micro-USB for charging

Gamers unite! Immersing myself in intense gaming sessions, I stumbled across affordable wireless freedom.  With the Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset, I experienced gaming at the budget everyone would love to have.

These headphones proved their worth with an impressive price-to-performance ratio, surpassing my expectations. Join me as I delve into the immersive gaming experience, unrivaled comfort, solid build quality, and exceptional audio prowess of the Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset.

Mpow BH415 Design: A Blend of Simplicity and Distinction

The design of the Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset strikes a balance between simplicity and distinction. With its black and blue color palette, the headset exudes a sleek and professional look.

Though it lacks flashy RGB lights, the aluminum backplates and red stitches on the leather padding add a touch of uniqueness. The adjustable slider provides a personalized fit, ensuring comfort during long gaming sessions. While it may not stand out in a crowd, its minimalistic design appeals to those seeking a refined aesthetic.

Mpow BH415 Comfort: Gaming Delight Meets Ergonomic Design

MPOW prioritized comfort while designing this headset, and I must say, they hit the mark. The plush memory foam ear cups, wrapped in protein leather, enveloped my ears in softness. Even after hours of use, the lightweight build and generous padding on the headband prevented any discomfort.

The adjustable sliders provided stability, catering to sudden movements. However, the ear cup pads fell slightly short of dissipating heat as expected, leaving room for improvement.

Mpow BH415 Build Quality and Controls: Durability at Its Core

The Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset boasts a sturdy build designed to withstand the rigors of gaming. From the metal sliders to the anodized aluminum ear cups, every component exudes durability.


This accessory’s flexible and rotatable cardioid microphone assures longevity, free from damage concerns. The braided nylon cable, though prone to occasional tangling, proves resilient against wear and tear. With its one-key mute button and volume adjustment, the in-line audio control offers convenient accessibility for seamless gaming adjustments.

Mpow BH415 Audio Quality: Immersive Soundscapes Unleashed

Equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers, the Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset delivers polished and professional in-game sounds. From quiet footsteps to reloading enemy weapons, the clarity and detail immerse me in the gaming environment.

While the audio quality is commendable for its price range, it falls short of the more expensive 7.1 Surround Sound experience. Stereo surround sound lacks the breadth of channels found in higher-end headphones. Nevertheless, playing games like CSGO and Apex Legends became an audio delight with the headset’s surround sound capabilities.

Mpow BH415 Microphone: Crystal Clear Communication

The Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset’s microphone impresses with its noise-canceling capabilities. It filters out background noise effectively, ensuring clear and uninterrupted voice communication during intense gaming sessions.

My teammates praised the microphone’s clarity, while I experienced no crackling or cutouts in my audio output. MPOW’s attention to microphone quality shines through, enhancing the gaming experience.

Mpow BH415 Standout Features: Wireless Freedom and Platform Compatibility

The Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset offers the convenience of 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, allowing gamers to move without cables limiting their gameplay. Compatible with various consoles, including PS4, PS5, PC, Mac, Xbox One, and Xbox One X, it caters to a wide range of gaming enthusiasts.

Its versatility extends to consoles with a 3.5mm jack input or USB Transmitter. Surprisingly, I found that this headset provided a superior listening experience when used wirelessly compared to when wired, making it a great option to use with my PS5 console while sitting way back from the screen.


Best for
Serious Gamers

Battery Life
17 hours

About the Brand
Innovative audio and tech accessories brand that combines quality, affordability, and style to enhance your everyday experiences. Trust in Mpow for superior performance.

Final Verdict: Unlock Your Gaming Potential with Mpow BH415

In conclusion, the Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset provides an exceptional gaming experience on a budget. Its design may not be groundbreaking, but the combination of comfort, durability, and audio performance sets it apart.

While not reaching the audio heights of more expensive options, it delivers immersive soundscapes that enhance gameplay. The crystal-clear microphone ensures effective communication with fellow gamers.

With wireless freedom and compatibility with various consoles, the Mpow BH415 Gaming Headset is a reliable companion for any gaming adventure. For the best price in Pakistan, head to Xcessorieshub via Savyour and get cashback on your purchase. Explore Savyour for more accessory stores to fulfill all your gaming needs.


Color Blue/ Red/ Silver
Weight Bulky
Driver 50mm
Water resistance No
Sound 7.1 Surround Sound
Connectivity 2.4 Ghz

At a Glance:













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