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Reviewing Mpow M13 Earbuds: Affordable Aquatic Symphony for Music Enthusiasts

Mpow M13 Earbuds offer an unbeatable combination of affordability, durability, and audio clarity; making it the ideal choice for music enthusiasts looking for a dependable pair of waterproof earbuds.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jun 19, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

7,190.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Generic design.
  • Larger size may not be suitable for smaller ears.
  • Limited treble detail.

Dancing in the rain or cycling through stormy weather, nothing complements these moments like the perfect soundtrack. As an avid music lover, I’ve always desired earbuds that can withstand the elements without compromising on audio quality. That’s when I stumbled upon the Mpow M13 Earbuds, glorified as the cheapest highly waterproof earbuds in the market.

Delighted by the promise of enjoying my favorite tunes while enjoying the rain or showering, I decided to put these earbuds to the test. In this comprehensive review, I will share my experience with the Mpow M13 Earbuds, exploring their design, audio performance, waterproof capabilities, and overall value for money.

Design of Mpow M13 Earbuds: Embracing Comfort and Protection

The Mpow M13 Earbuds may not win any awards for their design, as they sport a generic appearance with no visible branding on their matte-black exterior. However, they make up for their lack of aesthetics with practicality and functionality. One thing that stands out is the size, larger than other Mpow models and many wireless earbuds. This size difference may pose a challenge for individuals with smaller ears, as the round and pebble-like shape of the earbuds may not provide a comfortable fit.

Despite their larger size, the M13 earbuds offer an advantage in blocking out surrounding noise when compared to cheaper active noise-canceling earbuds. This is particularly beneficial for those seeking a more immersive audio experience or desiring some peace and quiet in a noisy environment. Moving on to the charging case, Mpow has managed to strike a balance between size and functionality. The case is compact enough to fit easily in my pocket or bag without adding unnecessary bulk.

However, the standout feature of the Mpow M13 Earbuds lies in their high IPX8 waterproof rating. This exceptional level of water resistance ensures that these earbuds can withstand sweat, heavy rainfall, and even accidental submersion in water. As someone who enjoys outdoor activities, including jogging in the rain or cycling through wet weather, the M13’s waterproof capabilities gave me confidence and peace of mind. They continued to function flawlessly even when exposed to water, and I could even control them while showering.

Features and Controls of Mpow M13 Earbuds: Versatility at Your Fingertips

The Mpow M13 Earbuds come with a lot of features that we’re going to talk about. The earbuds can pair in stereo or mono mode. When set in stereo mode, the user can enjoy the simultaneous audio transmission to both ears, resulting in an immersive sound experience commonly associated with these accessories.

However, there are instances when I may want to maintain situational awareness while still enjoying audio playback. This is where mono mode becomes useful. By pairing a single earbud in mono mode, I can listen to audiobooks and podcasts or make phone calls without occupying both ears; utilizing mono mode only drains the battery of a single earbud, prolonging the overall usage time.

How do I control the Mpow M13 Earbuds?

Controlling the Mpow M13 Earbuds is a breeze thanks to their touch-sensitive controls. I can effortlessly access various functions and commands by tapping the circular touch control. Here’s a breakdown of the touch controls and their corresponding actions

  • Tap the left or right earbud to play or pause the music.
  • Holding the right earbud enables me to increase the volume.
  • Conversely, holding the left earbud allows me to decrease the volume.
  • Double-tapping the right earbud allows me to skip to the next track.
  • Double-tapping the left earbud allows me to return to the previous song.
  • A triple tap on either the left or right earbud activates the voice assistant.

Audio Quality of Mpow M13 Earbuds: A Warm and Immersive Soundscape

The Mpow M13 delivers a warm and smooth audio experience that I found to be quite enjoyable. With a well-balanced bass thump and controlled sub-bass, the earbuds provide energetic beats without overwhelming the overall sound profile. The boosted lower mid-tones add depth to darker electronic tones and instruments, creating a bass-driven atmosphere. While the upper mids and highs are slightly rolled off, resulting in a warmer sound signature.

One significant advantage of this audio accessory is its friendly and non-fatiguing nature. Regardless of the volume level, the music never becomes tiring. When I crank up the volume, the sound becomes gently bassy and uplifting, providing an enjoyable experience. On the other hand, during my workday, when I want to listen to music without distractions, the M13 offers a comfortable and immersive atmosphere.

Battery Life and Connectivity of Mpow M13 Earbuds: Reliable Performance

With a battery life of up to seven hours per charge, the M13 earbuds offer a decent playback duration. The charging case provides additional three charges, extending the total usage time to around 20 to 24 hours in practical scenarios. The case charges rapidly in just 90 minutes, and the earbuds can be fully charged within the same timeframe.

Although the buds use Bluetooth 5.0 instead of the latest Bluetooth 5.3, I found the connectivity to be stable, maintaining a solid connection within a range of 9-10 meters. The seamless transition between one or two earbuds allows for flexible usage and charging.


Best for
Fitness Enthusiasts

Battery life
24 hours

About the Brand
Mpow is an innovative audio and tech accessories brand that combines quality, affordability, and style to enhance your everyday experiences. Put your trust in Mpow for superior performance.

Final Verdict: Unleash Your Music, Rain or Shine

Mpow M13 Earbuds have proven to be reliable and affordable companions for fitness enthusiasts who prioritize durability and waterproofing. While the generic design may not stand out, the larger earbuds provide excellent noise isolation.

With its warm and immersive audio quality, the M13 delivers an enjoyable sound profile that caters to a wide range of music genres. Although the battery life could be more extensive, it is still sufficient for most daily usage scenarios.

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Color Blue
Weight Lightweight
Dimensions N/A
Water resistance Yes (IPX8 rated)
Battery life 24 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

At a Glance:













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