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Mystic from Ideas by Gul Ahmed: A Comforting Scent!

If you are looking for a new scent then Mystic from Ideas by Gul Ahmed is just the one for you! It has a unique blend of fruity and floral aromas that will keep you fresh all summer season long.

Written By Samara Hasan

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Updated Jan 04, 2023

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2,690.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • The color of the bottle

A scent that overpowers all bad odors!

As I sat next to my friend, in the classroom due to the excessive heat of the summer season, I smelled horrible. I borrowed my friend’s perfume and sprayed it right on. As I squirted around with the bottle I realized that the body odor was barely noticeable. Instead, a fresh pleasing scent lingered on my skin. I asked her about the name of the scent, and she replied ‘Mystic’. Ideas by Gul Ahmed’s more popular scents knock you out with their sheer simplicity. 

Sniff Notes!

One sniff and I am transported to another time and place. 

The top notes of Mystic have a heady mix of peony and shinus molle that gives it a warm, floral and fruity aroma. It is a very refreshing and uplifting fragrance.

The middle notes have a burst of fruity aromas because of litchi, pineapple, and pomegranate. 

There is a slight change in the scent when all the woody aromas conjure up which has sandalwood tea leaves, precious woods and white musk starts to appear prominently in the base notes, making it extremely intense, giving the perfume a deep and earthy aroma that makes it the most suitable perfume for the summer season. 

All the notes are counterbalanced flawlessly with spicy undertones which make this perfume smells amazing. One thing that makes this magical scent long-lasting is because its concentration, Eau de Parfum, the reason why it lingers for so long on my skin. It causes no harm to my skin because all the essential oils that are used to make this fragrance are natural and made from high-quality ingredients.

It’s undoubtedly the kind of fragrance I would love to spray on before I go out. No matter what I am wearing, its aroma keeps me rejuvenated the entire day. So whether I am having brunch with my clients or attending a business meeting this scent is surely going to take the responsibility for my summer look.

Mysterious Mystic Blue Bottle!

My vision got stuck when I saw its double-shaded bottle, mystic blue from the top and red from the bottom. The bottle is square-shaped with an intense black cap that is uniquely curved. The matte-finished bottle is gold plated from the center which has lettered mystic with the black stylish font. The looks of the bottle suit the name. 

The bottle is not a satchel-friendly choice because it is heavy so I can’t take it with me anywhere. The bottle is colored but it still allows me to see the amount of perfume so I can buy a new one before it ends. The bottle comes housed in a double-shaded blue and red box. I found the colors of the bottle a little off, but as far as it smells great it does not matter how it looks. This unique and amazing scent is pocket friendly so I do not have to feel the pinch after spending money on it.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for



How to Apply
For a prolonged fragrance experience, apply petroleum jelly before spraying perfumes. Spray it onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and on the neck).

Best for

About the Brand
Ideas by Gul Ahmed Fragrances were launched in the mid of the year 2022. For now, they are offering a limited range of fragrances for both men and women that are affordable as well as luxurious scents, and all of their products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients.

Fruity and Floral

Top Notes
Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Blackcurrant

Heart Notes
Jasmine, Orange Blossom

Base Notes
Sandalwood, Tea Leaves, Precious Woods, White Musk

Ending Note

If you are looking for a new summer scent, Mystic from Ideas by Gul Ahmed is just the one for you! It has a unique blend of fruity floral notes that is sure to keep you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated all summer long. This scent is Eau de Parfum which provides a long-lasting effect. So go ahead and try this new summer perfume!

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