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Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser: A Review for the Modern Homeowner

The Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser is a great choice for modern homeowners looking for an efficient, reliable, and safe way to store hot water. It offers an attractive design, advanced protection features, and easy installation.

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Updated Feb 02, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

26,000.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Limited warranty period of one season

The Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser is the latest innovation in electric water heaters, promising modern homeowners a reliable and efficient way to store hot water. This product claims to provide an instant and continuous supply of hot water, making it perfect for homes with little space or those who want to save energy and cost.

This review will explore this product’s features, performance, aesthetics, and reliability to help you decide if it is suitable for your home.

Design and Build

Elegant Design

The Nasgas Instant Geyser has a beautiful glass panel that looks modern and attractive. The product measures only 30 cm x 25 cm x 13 cm, making it perfect for tight spaces.

LCD Display

This water heater also features an LCD with a digital temperature display. It not only makes it easier to adjust the heating level but also simplifies the usage and maintenance of the device.


This geyser is 20 liters, making it perfect for larger families that use more hot water.

Performance and Efficiency

Flow Sensor for Low-Pressure Start

This feature allows the geyser to start up automatically at low pressure, making it ideal for areas with less water pressure.

Pulse Automatic Ignition

The Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser, is designed with automatic pulse ignition, providing a smooth, safe, and quick start-up.

Flue-Blockage Protection

This geyser is equipped with advanced chimney blockage protection to ensure safety against gas leakage or block in the air duct when the device is operating.

Overheating Protection

Nasgas instant geyser prevents overheating and other risks. This product also comes with overheating protection.

Flameout Protection

This geyser can automatically shut off when the flame goes out, preventing likely fire risks or gas leak hazards.

Anti-dry Burning Protection

The Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser, also features an anti-dry burning protection feature that automatically shuts off when the water level is low.

Overwater Pressure Protection

Finally, this product also comes with overwater pressure protection that prevents damage caused by high-pressure water.



The Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser ensures safety for my family and me through its various protection features.


This product is designed to be easy to install and can be connected directly to my home’s water supply system.


The geyser is easy to install and has all the necessary hardware. Professional plumbers have no problem installing the system in my house.


Best For:
Elegant design

Provides Hot Water in Winter

About the Brand:
Nasgas is a leading tech company manufacturing home appliances. It is considered one of the most affordable brands in Pakistan.

Final Verdict

Nasgas’s DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser is an excellent choice for modern homeowners looking for an efficient, reliable, and safe way to get hot water. 

With its attractive design and various protection features, this product ensures your safety while providing you with a continuous hot water supply.

Suppose you’re looking for a geyser that is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

In that case, the Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus Instant Geyser is worth considering.


Weight Approx. 10 kg
Capacity 20 Litres
Features Flow sensor for low-pressure star-up
Protection Flue-blockage protection, Over-heating protection, Flameout protection, Anti-dry burning protection, Over water pressure protection
Color White

At a Glance:













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