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Reviewing Nishat Unstitched Collection – Being You

The "Being You" unstitched collection from Nishat Linen is a great way to express your individuality and be true to yourself. With a variety of colors, prints, and fabrics to choose from, there's something for everyone in this collection. High fashion doesn't have to be expensive

Written By Mehar Jaffery

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Updated Dec 01, 2022

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Pretty you, cause the runway is yours.

It’s definitely the originality in you that makes you who you are, then why not be the diva too and pull off trends! Being yourself is the most important thing you can do in all aspects of life. It’s what makes you unique and allows you to connect best with yourself. When you’re being yourself, you’re being authentic and true to who you are. It also allows you to build yourself and connections well.  So, why not have the craze of being yourself when it comes to your wardrobe? And finally, when you’re being yourself, you’re happier and more fulfilled because you’re not trying to be someone else, but just you!

With Nishat Linen’s Being you unstitched collection, be yourself because they literally have all what one requires. From floral embroidered 2pc and 3pc suits to geometrics and printed dupattas, but they also have beautiful printed shirts too! Isn’t it cool to have variety for everyone! Dapper enough to make you look, you!

High Fashion, in your Size and Style

The best part about any unstitched collection is that it allows you to get it stitched in your size and style, tailored just for your body, unstitched collections are always win-win and look extra chic just because they allow you to be you!

With this Nishat linen “Being You” unstitched collection, you can definitely be yourself in all aspects, a great range of colours including poppy, vibrant, dark hues and neutrals, there’s something for everyone. Since this is not a capsule collection, they have more than 30 unstitched designs, and their material quality is super awesome!

Nishat has always been known for their breathable material and great durability, and if you’re getting that, then why not! Available in karandi, khaddar and linen, these unstitched suits are a justice to their price! Although falling high in retail, these are premium and suitable for all. From cheetah prints to jacquard, ‘Being you’ is surely for everyone who wants to be comfortable in their own skin. In fact, their variety includes not only printed or embroidered but both merged too, just like high end designers, this retail is doing their best in all ways!

With mini and large prints, thin and thick embroidery these suits are a way maker to your wardrobe! In fact, each suit has a dupatta of its own and each suit has a different dupatta material like viscose, silk, chiffon and karandi etc! Anything that suits you for all your events, even if it’s just daily wear, this collection has you covered for sure in all ways!


This comfort level allows you to be more confident, and confidence is always attractive to everyone, including yourself. With this collection, you cannot only be you but also slay in what you always wanted to with a touch of originality! ‘Being you’ collection makes you look picture perfect for all your moments and kid you not, you’ll love the feel too, because they have a color for everyone!

Love being you? Get one now!

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