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Orient Steak 62D Solo Black: Review Of A Great Product

This handy gadget is perfect for any kitchen! With a 62 capacity, it can help you defrost your food quickly. Plus, its heating mechanism uses 900 watts of power for fast results. For added safety, it also has a child lock.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jan 09, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Solo microwave

This product review is based on my opinion of what features a microwave oven should have, these features could be – cooking modes, defrost option, capacity, power consumption, and it being user/child friendly.

I’m never one to shy away from a new kitchen appliance, so when I saw the Orient Steak 62D Solo Black microwave oven, I knew I had to have it. It has all sorts of features that appealed to me, like the Defrost by Weight or Time feature.

I was really excited to try out the Defrost by Weight feature. I put a frozen chicken breast in the oven and set it to defrost by weight. The timer counted down, and when it was done, the chicken breast was perfectly thawed! This is going to come in handy for those last-minute meal emergencies.

The Orient Steak 62D Solo Black microwave oven is also great for reheating food. I’ve been using it to heat up leftovers from dinner, and it’s been working like a charm. With this oven, reheating food is a breeze!

What makes the Orient Steak 62D Solo Black stand out?

I didn’t know what I was missing out on in life until I got an Orient Steak microwave. It has the latest technology Magnetron, making it durable, and promises peak performance for years.

There are 5 power levels that allow you to cook your food according to your preference. With this microwave, you don’t have to worry about leakage as it is 0% leakage-proof

Not to mention, it also has an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in when the door is open. I can’t imagine my life without it now.

A closer look at the features of the Orient Steak 62D Solo Black:

I needed a new microwave, so I decided to go with the Orient Steak 62D Solo Black. I’m so glad I did! It has all the latest technology, like a magnetron, and it has five power levels so you can really customize your cooking. 

Plus, it has a 0% leakage feature, which is really important to me. And it is a solo microwave which is great for when I just want to heat up something small. But my favorite feature is the digital control panel. It makes it so easy to use and it even has a cooking end signal so you know when your food is ready. 

Plus, it also has a child safety lock which is a good thing for people with children.


Defrost by Weight or Time


Reheating, cooking, and defrosting.

About the Brand:
Orient is a leading tech company manufacturing kitchens and home appliances. It is considered one of the most premium brands.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, The Orient Steak 62D Solo Black microwave is a great addition to any kitchen. It comes with 5 power levels and a digital control panel, making it easy to cook food perfectly.

The child safety lock is a great feature, allowing parents to rest assured that their children will not be able to use the microwave unsupervised. So it’s highly recommended if you need these features.


Timer Yes
Child lock Yes
Defrost by Weight or Time Yes
Popular menus 8
0% Leakage Yes
Control Panel Type Digital
Latest Technology Magnetron Yes
Solo function Yes
Power levels 5
Cooking end signal Yes

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