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Experience the Cool Elegance: PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator Review

The PEL InverterOn Refrigerator is affordable, stylish, and energy-efficient that will enhance any home. It features modern design elements, ample storage capacity, and eco-friendly features. It's an excellent choice for a reliable refrigerator.

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Updated Mar 08, 2023

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Starting From

84,300.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • No no-frost technology
  • Manual defrosting is required
  • Bit expensive

I’m always looking for products that seamlessly integrate into my daily life while being practical and aesthetically pleasing. Regarding refrigerators, I’ve seen my fair share of different refrigerators, but no one has impressed me quite like the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator. 

From the moment I saw it, its elegance and modern design struck me. I was even more thrilled to learn about its energy-efficient features.

After putting it to the test, I can confidently say that this refrigerator exceeded my expectations. The glass door design with separate compartments kept my fruits and veggies fresher for longer. At the same time, the extra space for quick-access items like butter and cheese was a game-changer.

In this review, I’ll share my experience with the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator and why it’s a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their kitchen game.

Stylishly Design

I’m a firm believer in the notion that home appliances should not just be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator surely fits these criteria, simultaneously delivering style and substance. Its sleek and modern design adds an elegant touch to any kitchen and offers features that make daily life easier.

I particularly love the glass door design, which looks great and allows quick access to items without opening the door and letting cool air escape. The refrigerator’s separate compartments for fruits, vegetables, and other perishables ensure they stay fresher longer. At the same time, the additional space for quick-access items like butter and cheese is a game-changer.

Range of Capacity

When choosing the best refrigerators, capacity is crucial. That’s why I was excited to discover that the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator comes in a range of sizes, from 240 to 440 liters, providing options that suit a variety of households. I opted for the 260-liter model, which was sufficient for my daily needs.

What sets this refrigerator apart, however, is its energy-efficient technology. The inverter compressor ensures that I get maximum cooling power while using less energy, making it an innovative and sustainable choice for any home. I appreciate reducing my energy consumption without sacrificing performance or capacity.

Top-notch Features 

I’ve had the opportunity to explore multiple brands and models of refrigerators, and the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator stands out for its exceptional features. One feature that really impressed me is the temperature control, which I can easily adjust manually to achieve the perfect level of chill for my food.

Another innovative feature that I appreciate is the Crispo tray, which provides a separate storage area and allows me to adjust the cooling level for optimal food preservation with ease. This feature has made a big difference in keeping my fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods of time.


The LED interior light is another highlight of this refrigerator. It illuminates the interior of the refrigerator, making it easy to find items even in low-light conditions.

Lastly, I was delighted to learn that the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator uses R-134a refrigerant, which is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. 

Power and Efficiency Combined Performance

The performance of the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator is exceptional. When I first tested it, I was blown away by its power while consuming only 130 watts and 0.8 amperes of current. Additionally, I appreciate that this refrigerator’s design operates on 220 volts and 50 Hz voltage/frequency, making it compatible with various electronics brand.

Another standout feature is its ability to perform effectively in tropical climates, thanks to its tropic climate class. No matter where you live, you can count on this refrigerator to keep your food fresh and cool. The PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator truly delivers when it comes to performance.

Factors to Look for Before Buying this Product

I want to emphasize that before purchasing the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator, there are a few factors that you should consider. While this refrigerator comes with a range of great features, it is crucial to ensure that it fits your lifestyle and budget.

One consideration is the price, which may be a little higher for some buyers because it is an inverter refrigerator. However, there is no significant difference between inverter and non-inverter refrigerators, so that you can opt for a non-inverter refrigerator at a more affordable price.

It is also worth noting that you can purchase this refrigerator directly from PEL eshop via Savyour for added convenience and savings. Ultimately, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the best refrigerator for your home.


Best For:
Blaze Design

Food Preservation

About the Brand:
PEL is a leading tech company manufacturing kitchen and home appliances. It is considered one of the most premium brands.

Final Verdict

The PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator is an excellent choice for a stylish and energy-efficient refrigerator. I’m incredibly pleased with it, as it has exceeded my expectations regarding performance, design, and efficiency. Remember to check out savyour for cashback on this and many other appliances!

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced shopper, I highly recommend the PEL InverterOn Glass Door Refrigerator. Not only does it offer features that make life easier, but it is also an innovative and sustainable choice that will last you for years to come. I’m confident that you won’t regret making this purchase!


Weight 46 kg
Voltage 220V
Capacity 240, 260, 320, 340, 390, 440 Liters
Door Type Glass Door
Number of Doors Two doors
Door Handle Recessed
Freezer Type Top-mounted
Warranty 10 Years
Color Purple, Red, Maroon, Mirror

At a Glance: