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An Evaluation Of The PEL – PMO-38 Microwave Oven

This 38-liter capacity oven not only has multiple power levels and express cooking features but also a defrost option. Plus, the digital controls are user-friendly and it consumes 1500 watts of power so your food will be cooked in no time!

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jan 03, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

21,800.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • 1500 watts

Disclaimer: This product review is based on my opinion of what features a microwave oven should have, these features could be – cooking modes, defrost option, capacity, power consumption, and it being user/child friendly.

I can’t believe that I actually bought this thing. I mean, it’s a microwave oven – who cares? But then again, it is PMO-38 and has express cooking and multiple power levels. It was the best deal at the store.

So, now I have this fantastic microwave oven, and what do I make with it? The first thing that comes to mind is popcorn! But not just any popcorn – gourmet popcorn! With all of those different power levels, this oven can make the perfect batch of popcorn every time.

Well, one way or another, I’m sure that this microwave oven will come in handy sooner rather than later. And with all of its unique features, it’s sure to become my new best friend in the kitchen.

What makes the PEL – PMO-38 Microwave Oven stand out?

I remember the days when I would have to wait hours for my oven to heat up, only to pull out my now-dry food an hour later. But those days are long gone, thanks to the PEL – PMO-38 Microwave Oven. 

This great oven has a 38-liter capacity, making it perfect for big appetites. And it heats up in no time, so you can finally enjoy your food the way it was meant to be enjoyed – hot and fresh. So if you’re looking for a microwave oven that can handle big jobs, then the PEL – PMO-38 is a perfect choice.

A closer look at the features of the PEL – PMO-38 Microwave Oven

My old microwave was small so It was time for an upgrade, so I did some research and settled on the PEL – PMO-38 Microwave Oven. This oven is amazing! It has a 38-liter capacity, which is great for me because I like to cook big meals. It consumes 1500 watts of power, so it cooks fastly. The digital controls are really user-friendly, and the multiple power levels give you a lot of options when it comes to cooking your food. 

The express cooking feature is fantastic – it saves so much time! And the defrost option is really handy. 

Overall, I’m very impressed with this oven.


Best For:
38-liter capacity


Defrost, coking, and reheat.

About the Brand:
Pel is a leading tech company, manufacturing kitchen and home appliances. It also manufactures power products too. It is considered one of the most premium brands.


In my opinion, the PEL – PMO-38 Microwave Oven is a great choice for anyone looking for large capacity, because it has a 38-liter capacity. 

Plus, it has a defrost option, making it perfect for those times when you forget to take your food out of the freezer. But it consumes 1500 watts of power, which I don’t prefer because it will increase your bills.


CAPACITY 38 liters
Child lock no
Timer yes
Defrost yes
input 1500W
Output 1100W
Electricity Power 220~240V 50 Hz (Volts/Hz)
Control Type Digital
Net weight 13
Microwave Frequency 2450 MHz
Cavity 376 x 250 x 404 mm
Unit outside Dimension 553 x 437 x 311 mm
Glass Tray Diameter 310 (inch, mm)
Magnetron Warranty 2 Years
Express cooking yes
Multiple power levels yes

At a Glance:



Value for money


Power Consumption






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