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Please The Whole Nation With Pizza Nation: A Review

Get a dine out at Pizza Nation. They provide a satisfactory service with a relaxing and refreshing environment. They offer and innovate different types of pizzas and deals so that everyone gets what their taste buds prefer.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

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Updated Sep 18, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • They should provide a dine-in service too.

What can be more impressive than enjoying a hot pipping pizza under the sky with the love of your life? Pizza Nation fulfills this wish of yours.

One day my friends and I were searching for a spot to sit and eat. We were passing by Gulistan e Johar and saw this pizza joint, Pizza Nation. We decided to stop there. And I’m glad that we tried this fantastic place. 

They provide a dine-out in the open air, which feels good at night. They have branches around many areas of Karachi. So why wait? Select a route that takes you to Pizza Nation.


Pizza Nation’sNation’s most-selling items are Crownza and Fourtastic. The Crownza is a unique style of pizza that looks like a crown. The corners of Crownza are filled with a sauce that provides a creamy sensation on your tongue with every bite. The Fourtastic is a type of pizza that contains four different kinds of flavors on it.

They always come with different inventions in pizza, like peri popper overload, Korean Twist, cheese overloaded, and Pepperoni overloaded. 

The peri popper overloaded is topped with peri poppers stuffed with cheese and chicken, their signature Peri Peri sauce, onions, chicken pieces, and cheese. The Korean twist contains Korean chicken on it. Pepperoni overloaded is for people who love Pepperoni because it is topped with a lot of Pepperoni. The cheese overloaded, as its name says, filled with a lot of cheese. It is preferable for cheese lovers. 

They have pizzas for everyone, such as meat lovers for people that adore meat and veggie pizza for vegetarians. You can just name it; indeed, they have a pizza of your preference. 

They also offer some traditional flavors for locals, like Behari Chicken or Malai Soft.

My personal favorite is Chicken Peri Peri and Chicken Kebab Delight. They both have some traditional taste that suits my taste buds. Chicken Peri Peri is topped with a peri-peri sauce, which is a little spicy, and that’s what I prefer. And chicken kebab delight is topped with chicken kebabs and a sauce for a creamy flavor. 

They also provide Dips with pizza. So drown your pizza in the dip and eat it right away.


Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change.

We went to their Gulistan e Johar Branch, where we ordered their triple Dhamaka 3, which includes 3 large pizzas. Its cost was Rs. 4794, but there was a discount going on and we got that for Rs. 2999 which becomes a budget-friendly option. We got lucky due to the discount. 


The service of Pizza Nation was pleasing. The staff was quick and started attending to the customers whenever a customer arrived. The tables were cleaned when the customer left, and the seats were arranged.

Even though the sitting area was outside, the waitstaff took care of the cleanliness of the site. They provide online delivery, too, for people who want to stay inside. 

I advise you to take away your order or visit the branch to enjoy the treats.


The ambiance was refreshing and filled with the voices and laughter of people sitting around. You can see the deals on display at the counter, making it easier for you to choose. Overall, I like this style of the sitting system because I enjoy the fresh air. The branch was located at Block 3-A Block 3 A Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Sindh.

Honorable Mentions: 

Other than pizzas, they offer an Appetizer box that contains Cheese Sticks, Chicken Hotshots, Kebab Bites, Spicy Fries, and a Dip. they have a variety of Sandwichs on their menu for people who don’t prefer eating pizza. And for a dessert item, they offer a lava cake. They offer separate appetizers too like Cheesy Calzone or Kebab Bites. 

Final Verdict:

In search of a place to eat outside? Pizza Nation is a solution for you, providing various food options with excellent services. They will surely win your heart. So hop on a bike and visit this place.

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