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Pretty by Bonanza Satrangi: Look Stunning and Feel Refreshed

Pretty by Bonanza Satrangi is a scent for the daytime. It is for anyone who loves fruity and floral scents. It has the ability to make you feel refreshed throughout the day. It has a captivating bottle green colored bottle.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jun 13, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The cardboard box packing.

A refreshing scent that can last you throughout the day!

Being a manager in a multinational company comes with a lot of responsibility. I have to manage people and communicate with them in a way that inspires and motivates them. This also entails the responsibility of looking sharp and I can only look confident in front of others if I am refreshed. That is why I chose Pretty by Bonanza Satrangi as my signature scent.

Refreshing Scent

This invigorating and tantalizing scent starts with a fruity smell. The one that overpowers others in the smell of fresh oranges. Oranges take me back to the days when I was carefree and young. When my only worry was sitting in the library to complete my assignments. I would sit around with friends while one of them played guitar and we all jammed to it. 

One friend had a habit of always bringing oranges with her. We would share slices of oranges among ourselves for snacks. Oranges always remind me of the time I spent sharing my troubles with my friends. The jokes we shared and our laughter still echo in my mind.

Besides the citrusy smell of oranges, there are other fruity notes in Pretty by Bonanza Satrangi. The top notes of strawberry, peach, and mandarin feel like a dip in the ocean in the hot weather of summer.

Next comes the floral heart notes of rose and jasmine that tie the knot and feel like I am presented with a bouquet. The woody, musk, and cedarwood make up the base of this fragrance which feels like standing in the middle of an aromatic forest.

Pretty Bottle

The bottle of Pretty is in an attractive bottle green color. Its ravishing color is what makes it more appealing than all of the other fragrances offered by Bonanza Satrangi. It is a delicate bottle with a big stud on it which gives the look of a diamond. The cap is in gold color and it complements the bottle green color well. The bottle also serves a practical purpose because I can see how much scent I have left inside. So, I can order a new one whenever I run out.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for



How to Apply
To prolong this fragrance, spray Pretty by Bonanza Satrangi onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and neck).

Best for

About the Brand
Bonanza Satrangi fragrances were introduced in 2017 and offer luxury and affordable men, women, and unisex perfumes. Bonanza Satrangi has elegant packaging.

Top Notes
Strawberry, Peach, Mandarin, Orange.

Heart Notes
Rose, Jasmine.

Base Notes
Woody, Musk, Cedarwood.

Ending Note

All in all, the scent of this fragrance is an ideal blend of fruity, floral, and woody. It has a refreshing touch to it which can make up your day. It is for anyone looking for a perfume that can last throughout the day. It is not only the scent that is amazing but the bottle is glorious too. So, if you’re looking for beauty to add to your collection then Pretty by Bonanza Satrangi is made just for you. So, get your bottle now!

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