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Summer in a Bottle: My Review of Prime By Edenrobe

Prime by Edenrobe is a light and refreshing scent, reminiscent of beach trips and ocean air, and is perfect for summer days. The scent is a blend of aquatic and floral. While the elegant packaging adds a touch of luxury to it.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jan 03, 2023

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3,790.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for colder weather.

Experience the ocean air in a bottle with Prime by Edenrobe

I was getting ready for my lunch date with some friends. I wanted to look and feel my best, so I decided to apply, Prime by Edenrobe. The scent is light and refreshing, perfect for a summer day.

Beachy Scent

Its first impression took me back to the time when my parents would pack up the car with our towels, sunscreen, and snacks and we would hit the open road for a beach trip.

The best part of the trip was always when we got to the beach and I could smell that salty ocean air. It’s such a unique scent that instantly transports me back to those carefree days spent playing in the sand. Even now, as an adult, whenever I catch a whiff of that sea breeze I can’t help but smile.

This fragrance takes off with a sea that is wild, but also peaceful. The apple blossom is delicate and sweet. White patchouli is strong and musky. Moss is earthy and grounding. And the seashore well, the seashore feels like home. These are the notes of Prime, and they are a perfect reflection of who I am. I am confident and sophisticated, but also fun and approachable.

Peachy Bottle

The color of Prime’s crystalline bottle is a beautiful peach tint. Its light and the airy fragrance is perfect for warm weather. The bottle is also adorned with a silver-tone cap, which adds a touch of luxury. Overall, this is a beautiful and elegant perfume that would make a great addition to any collection.

Fast Facts

Bottle size
100ml Bottle

Fragrance for

How to Apply
To prolong this fragrance, Spray Prime by Edenrobe onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears and neck).

Best for

About the Brand
Edenrobe launched its range of fragrances under the name of Edenrobe Beauty in the year of 2018 which caters to the category of both men and women. They ensure that their fragrances are to be the best and long lasting ones.

Top Note
Marine Notes

Middle Notes
Apple Blossom, White Patchouli Base

Base Note
Moss, Seashore Notes

Ending Note

In conclusion, Prime by Edenrobe is a refreshing and uplifting scent that brings to mind summer days spent at the beach. Its elegant packaging adds a touch of luxury. I highly recommend trying out this fragrance for yourself. Give it a spritz and transport yourself to sandy beaches and seaside adventures.

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