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Reviewing Pulao Masalas: The Rice of Royals

I found Shan Punjabi Yakhni Pulao to be very flavorful. The spices are very fresh, and it was cooked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this Pulao Masala to anyone looking for a flavorful, but not too spicy option.

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Updated Apr 19, 2023

Pulao is a delicious delicacy that originated in the Mughal era. This dish is typically made with rice and meat, but it can also be prepared with vegetables. In some cultures, Pulao is also cooked with dry fruits, which add a unique flavor and sweetness to this dish. It is usually served as a main course with a side of raita, and salad. This delicious dish is equally popular among adults and kids as it is mildly spiced and has balanced nutrients, loaded with good carbs from rice and proteins and fats from meat.

Pulao is a fan favorite in house, and is cooked once a week. I, being a working woman, always keep an eye for masalas which can make cooking easier for myself since it saves a lot of time, and energy. When I discovered Pulao masalas, I had to try them in my kitchen to always be quick, and on the go. 

Pulao Masala Picks for All your Pulao Needs

Malka Mughlai Pulao 


  • Limited packaging options

It provides the traditional taste of pulao. It is gluten-free and can be cooked with brown rice and lean meat to prepare a healthy protein rich meal. It is also mildly spiced with a strong aroma of cloves, black peppers and cardamom.

Shan Punjabi Yakhni Pulao 


  • Limited packaging options

Shan punjabi yakhni pulao is made from fresh, hand-picked spices. The blend is very aromatic, and filled up my kitchen with the same nostalgic scent of pulao I once had at my relatives in Lahore. It is mildly spiced, yet not bland which makes it perfect pulao to accompany spicy barbeque.

National Pulao 


  • Limited Packaging available
  • No additives information

National Pulao Masala is made with only the finest spices, giving it an aromatic taste. It is infused with traditional pulao. It is also mildly spiced, and great for making Afghani pulao since it is a much milder blend of spices than other available brands.


What is Pulao Masala Made of?

Pulao is made differently based on various regions, some people make it traditionally with meat and rice, some add different vegetables like potatoes and peas and others add dry fruits like cashews and raisins.

What is the Taste of Pulao?

The taste of Pulao is mildly spicy and earthy with aromatics of cardamom, black peppers and green chilies.

Where is Pulao From?

Pulao is eaten in many different forms throughout Pakistan and is popular in different countries with different names.