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The Best Ras Malai Mixes in Pakistan That Taste Homemade

Laziza Ras Malai Mixes are convenient to use. With different flavoring options, I can make multiple flavors for everyone in my family without spending hours in kitchen. Best thing? These are widely available, so no hassle of ever running out of stock!

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Updated Apr 19, 2023

Meetha’ or dessert is not just a dish; it is an emotion. It is a call for celebration, the feeling of joy, and the declaration of festivities. 

Desserts are associated with positive emotions such as happiness, love, and celebration. They provide a sweet ending to a meal and are often seen as a way to indulge in something special.  Across many cultures, it is a representation of joy and togetherness.

Ras Malai – The Decadent Delight

Today, we are talking about a decadent, creamy, delicious Dessert, Ras Malai. A dessert originated in  Bengal and popular in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.  

Although making Ras Malai or any form of dessert is a love of labor, the  fast-paced life, makes it nearly impossible to make this delicacy at homes. This does not mean I would not make Ras Malai at home, instead, we have turned to the more convenient Ras Malai Mixes as a delicious solution.  To find more convenient dessert recipe mixes, check out The Ultimate Guide: Sweetest Desserts for your Dearests.

To accurately evaluate taste, time efficiency, and texture, I compared Laziza Ras Malai Mixes against homemade Ras Malai from scratch. And, here is my opinion on Ras Malai Mixes. 

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Ras Malai Packet Mixes Available in Pakistan

Laziza Ras Malai Mixes


  • Artificial flavoring

Laziza Ras Malai Mixes come in 3 different flavoring options; Standard, Almond, and Pistachios.

Laziza Ras Malai requires minimum ingredients, and provides clear, easy to use instructions to make delicious soft milk dough balls. It also provides few tips for achieving best results.

Laziza Ras Malai makes about 7 servings per packet. Compared to the traditional scratch-made method, making Laziza Ras Malai was a breeze, and to be honest, I found Laziza Ras Malai to be more appealing.

The texture was soft, and gooey. The milk dough balls melted in my mouth, with sweet sugary syrup leaving the taste of cardamom and saffron in my mouth. The best part was that it didn’t take much time to prepare.

If you too are a fan of traditional dessert, I have curated a list of dessert mixes. Do not forget to check it out.

Shan Ras Malai Mixes


  • Limited flavoring option
  • Artificial Flavoring

Shan Ras Malai Mixes are easy to make. The packet provides clear instructions, which are easy to follow and includes multiple tips on preparing and serving.

Shan Ras Malai makes about 6 servings per packet. It was also easy to make, and with additional tips, my dough balls came out very soft.

Ras Malai made using Shan Ras Malai Mixes had a velvety feel, with hint of sweet and pistachio flavoring.

Tips to Make Perfect Ras Malai Every time

  1. For soft dough balls, dip in boiling milk immediately.
  2. Grease hands lightly with oil to easy form milk dough balls.
  3. If the milk dough is sticky, add a teaspoon of ghee during kneading.
  4. Use the back of spoon to perfect shape the oval balls.

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