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Reviewing the Rare Kind: Red Vinegar

I have been using De Nigres red grape vinegar for quite some time now and I can surely say that it brings out the taste in food. The kind of depth and complexity of flavors it adds to different dishes are to die for. Gladly, I would never go back to not ever having it in my pantry.

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Updated Jun 09, 2023

Red vinegar is made from freshly pressed red grapes. Red grapes are rich in oxidants and help keep your blood sugar low. Red vinegar has a distinct taste and a pungent aroma. It is made from fermenting red grapes and other spices. It has a slightly sweet taste and sour flavor that can be used in salads, marinades, or as a dipping sauce.

Red vinegar is mildly acidic with a salty flavor. It can be clear or pale to dark brownish red in color—and it’s the perfect dipping sauce for seafood as well as salads!

It is not as widely used in Pakistan since our traditional recipes do not include much red vinegar. However, it is a popular dip for dumplings in China, and it is also used for pickling vegetables.

So, whenever I am making Mediterranean food at home, I do use red vinegar. It brings out an authentic taste in the traditional dishes whether it’s Gyros or Tabouli.

However, I always thought there were only limited options available in the market so when I stumbled upon multiple brands, fair to say I was caught by surprise. Here is my take on them. I have also rated the following red vinegar based on authenticity, price, and availability.

The Best Red Vinegar Out There

Borges Red Grape Vinegar


  • Expensive
  • Not widely available

Borges Red Wines Vinegar is made in Spain and is imported from Pakistan. Do not worry, it is halal-certified. It is made by fermenting freshly pressed grapes for several months in wooden barrels. This gives the vinegar its tangy, and well-rounded taste.

I have been using Borges Red  Grape Vinegar for quite some time and it surely provides a very authentic taste to my Greek food. Whenever I am in the mood for a snack I quickly whip up a yummy sour cream recipe and have it with veggies and chips. Yum Yum Yum! All I need is cream, vinegar, salt, and pepper, and it’s ready.

Fresh Street Red Vinegar


  • Mild flavor
  • Muted Aroma

Fresh Street red vinegar is the best locally produced red vinegar in the market. The flavor is mild so I do have to go heavy on the amount but yet, the taste is nowhere lost. I still achieve the great umami and tangy flavor I crave.

Fresh Street Red Vinegar is available widely available so I never have to worry about missing out on that distinct umami flavor. I absolutely love baking and a dash of fresh street red vinegar is my secret to getting rid of the egg smell from my cakes and pastries without affecting the flavor.

De Nigris Red Grape Vinegar


  • Expensive
  • Not widely available

Ever since I tried De Nigirs red grape vinegar I became a fan. The vinegar is made from 100% Italian grapes, pressed, and fermented a process which gives it the deep and aromatic flavor we look for.

Whenever I come across De Nigris red grape vinegar on the shelf I grab myself a bottle or two since it isn’t readily available. The thing with De Nigris is the tiniest amount goes a long way. The vinegar is expensive so I do use it sparingly on top of my salads or as a dressing.


What is red vinegar used for?

Red wine vinegar has a distinctive tangy flavor and is frequently used in Mediterranean cooking. It’s a popular choice for vinaigrettes, as well as marinades and pickling solutions.

Is red grape vinegar the same as red wine vinegar?

No, red grape vinegar is not the same as red wine vinegar. The key difference between the two is that red grape vinegar is made from red grapes whereas red wine vinegar is made using red wine.

Is red vinegar the same as white vinegar?

No, red vinegar is not the same as white vinegar. In general, red wine vinegar is made by fermenting red wine while white wine vinegar is produced through a similar process involving the fermentation of white wines.
While it’s true that red-wine vinegar tends to have a stronger flavor than its counterpart, this difference is not as drastic as one might think.


A lot of my friends and family members have asked about the difference in my cooking, and I sheepishly smile, handing them bottles of Red Vinegar. While there aren’t many options available in the market, the ingredient is a must-have in my kitchen. So the next time you step into making an effortless salad or go big on Greek and Lebanese food you know that all you need is red vinegar.

Just shop for red vinegar from Naheed via Savyour and take your cooking game to the next level. Oh did we mention you get Ah-mazing cashbacks when you shop via Savyour?

Brand Rating

De Nigris Red Grape Vinegar .


Borges Red Grape Vinegar



Fresh St. Red Vinegar



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