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Redragon H350 Pandora Review: Unleash Your Gaming Style with Class

Redragon H350 Pandora is a great choice for gamers looking to level up their gaming experience with a stylish and comfortable headset. It offers exceptional audio quality and clear microphone performance.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jul 24, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

8,949.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Non-detachable cable.
  • Limited color options.

Imagine what a gamer needs in a perfect headset. A sleek and stylish design? Comfort? High-end audio quality? Redragon H350 Pandora has it all. It is the perfect combination of fashion, comfort, and performance rolled into one! From the moment I saw it, I was captivated by its classy design and the promise of a superior audio journey.

In this review, I will dive into the design, comfort, controls, audio quality, and microphone performance of the Redragon H350 Pandora, sharing my personal experiences and insights. Let’s explore why this headset is a wonderful choice for gamers looking to level up their gaming experience.

Design of Redragon H350 Pandora: Stand Out in Style

The Redragon Pandora comes in a sleek black color with a cool aesthetic appeal. Its design is truly eye-catching, making it a headset that stands out from the crowd. The entire surface of the ear cups is adorned with a beautiful RGB backlight, highlighting the large Redragon logo beneath the dense mesh.

This attention to detail showcases this brand’s commitment to delivering a headset that not only performs but also makes a statement; if you’re someone who wants to express their unique style while gaming, the H350 Pandora is an ideal choice.

Comfort: Gaming Delight

Comfort is crucial during those long gaming sessions or tiresome business trips, and H350 Pandora ensures you feel at ease throughout. The 2cm thick memory foam earpads provide a comfortable and plush experience, eliminating discomfort or strain.

The main stable frame with perfect elasticity ensures a comfortable clamping force, allowing for extended wear without discomfort. Whether engaged in intense battles or immersive storytelling, the H350 Pandora guarantees a comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on the game without distractions.

Features of Redragon H350 Pandora: A Gamer’s Command Center

The Redragon H350 Pandora combines convenience and versatility in its control features. As the first Redragon headset with RGB backlight, it offers dynamic and static RGB backlit modes that can be easily switched via the in-line audio control. This puts the power to personalize your gaming experience right at your fingertips. The volume adjustment and mute microphone controls provide seamless control during gameplay or communication.

When it comes to compatibility, the H350 Pandora excels. With its 3.5mm + USB powered braided cable and 2 x 3.5mm cable splitters for mic and audio, this headset is fully compatible with all major gaming platforms, including PC and consoles. Connecting the H350 Pandora to mobile phones is a breeze if your phone and headphones have a 3.5mm Jack. This versatility ensures that the H350 Pandora has got you covered no matter what platform you prefer.

Audio Quality of Redragon H350 Pandora: Immerse Yourself in Phenomenal Sound

The H350 headset delivers exceptional audio quality that enhances your gaming experience. Equipped with a 50mm audio driver and intelligent extreme bass, this audio accessory offers remarkable sound clarity and a phenomenal sound field.

Whether racing in Need for Speed Unbound or engaging in intense battles in Gears of War 4, the H350 Pandora’s immersive audio performance transported me into the heart of the action. The 2.0 channel surround sound brings my games to life, creating an audio experience that elevates my gaming sessions.

Microphone of Redragon H350 Pandora: Crystal Clear Communication

This Redragon headset has pretty good features and audio quality, but the microphone must be a standout feature in gaming headsets. And the H350 Pandora features a detachable microphone wrapped in 4mm thick foam. This microphone ensures clear and precise voice capture, making it ideal for in-game and online chat.

You can communicate with your teammates seamlessly, strategize effectively, and immerse yourself in cooperative gameplay. When you’re not using the microphone for gaming, it can be easily detached, allowing you to enjoy movies or music without any obstruction. However, it’s worth noting that the cable is non-detachable, which may be a consideration for some users.


Best for
Audio Quality


About the Brand
Redragon, a trusted brand in the gaming industry, offers high-quality gaming peripherals and accessories designed for exceptional performance and durability.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the Redragon H350 Pandora is an impressive gaming headset that excels in style, comfort, and audio quality. It boasts a stylish design with a beautiful RGB backlight, and the memory foam earpads provide a comfortable gaming experience. The immersive audio quality and clear microphone create a heightened sense of immersion and effective communication.

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Color Black
Weight Moderate
Driver 50mm
Water resistance No
Sound 2.0 Surround Sound
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack, USB

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