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Review of BTW Intermix 2023

Wear BTW Intermix Collection for your next outdoor event! The clothes are made from light fabrics and have delicate designs. You can look nice and feel comfortable at the same time. Enjoy the sun in style!

Updated May 08, 2023

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My bestie’s birthday is coming up, and I wanted to make it extra special. Something that she would remember forever. So, I gathered my girls rally and headed to BTW store. No time to waste. 

After much deliberation, I decided to host an outdoor event, then instantly BTW’s Intermix clicked in my mind. As soon as I checked their collection, I knew it was it. Because the clothes vibe was perfectly complementing our garden themed party. 

Intermix: Where Style and Comfort Do the Tango!

The clothes fabrics were next level! I mean, we were hosting a garden party, so we wanted something light, breathable, and airy. Cambric, Karandi, and our favorite for summers, linen. Those clothes kept us cool and fresh all day, and boy, did these clothes deliver!

Let me give you short insight of their designs. The designs are minimal, but still intricate and comfortable. Plus, the colors are warm and bold. Plus, the neck pleate details and collared details added a touch of class.

From Garden Parties to Beach Vacations

And let me tell you, the colors looked even better in person than they did online. The mustard yellow kurta that my friend wore was the perfect pop of color against the greenery in the garden. And the pink-fuzz embroidered dress that I wore made my eyes look like they were sparkling!

The Irish green with embellishment on sleeves was my personal favorite among all. Something that I can pull it off on beaches and casual gatherings as well. I paired it with a cute hat and you can’t believe, I received so many compliments on the look with just simple styling.

You can even grab any of their shirt, be it purple paste shirt or gold printed plum cambric shirt. Just pair it with jeans and some statement jewelry and voila! I was picture perfect!

We looked like a crew of Instagram influencers, all effortlessly styled and ready to snap some pics. Needless to say, it was one of the most memorable birthdays ever!

It turns out that it is perfect for any kind of day out with friends: picnic themed events, days of relaxation or chilling around together, even casual wear. what more could you want?

I initially found the price a bit daunting, however, when considering the quality, diversity and durability of these products it is well worth the cost.

Everyone had a blast at the party – thanks to our fabulous outfits from BTW! 


Summer is the perfect time for outdoor gatherings. BTW’s Intermix Collection is here to make sure you look your absolute best! Keep it comfortable yet stylish. With breathable, lightweight fabrics in warm hues. The intricate details add an extra touch of class to any garden-themed party without sacrificing comfort.

Plus, you won’t regret splurging on these quality pieces that are designed to last seasons upon seasons. So don’t sweat it when planning your next picnic or day out just grab BTW Intermix and get ready for some fun in the sun!

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