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Review of Sana Safinaz Muzlin Spring Collection VI

It's time to live the luxe life and embrace nature at its finest! Sana Safinaz has arrived with their Muzlin Spring Collection, featuring designs that'll make your wardrobe bloom. Get ready for a range of dreamy hues - this is perfect for any occasion you have coming up!

Updated Apr 18, 2023

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Muzlin- Drape yourself in Essence of Spring

The most beautiful season of all! The time of blossoming of flowers, chirping birds and you can see the burst of colors everywhere, and what better way to do so than by decking yourself out in the finest Muzlin collection!

Sana Safinaz’s Muzlin Spring Collection 2023 has stunning designs and timeless elegance. From breath-taking floral and fauna motifs that’ll have you feeling like a garden goddess, to a fusion of eastern and western fashion styles that are so versatile, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. 

Trust me, this collection is not just a want, it’s a need if you want to look like a pure Diva! Get ready to make heads turn and jaws drop with this divine range of clothing!

You can choose from a range of versatile prints and colors that are perfect for any occasion, from a casual picnic in the park to an evening soirée. Let’s explore what’s inside the collection! 

A Mughal Dream – Beige and Peachy Perfection

The Mughal-inspired joras embody the glory of a bygone era. The splendid three-piece ensembles of peachy-pink embroidery that make for an eye-catching display. To give it that extra bit of sparkle, the designers lavishly sprinkled silver motifs all over the delicate chiffon dupatta – making it you’re ready to go dress for a formal occasion! 

To complete the look, the ensemble comes with cotton-dyed pants that complement the beige and peachy-pink hues of the shirt. You can explore other colors with the same design as well. 

This ensemble is not just a dress, it’s a dream. It is perfect for those who want to embrace the heritage of the Mughal era and feel like a queen for a day. And when people ask you where you got such a beautiful dress, be sure to tell them that it’s not just a dress – it’s a Mughal dream.

Floral Trellis Extravaganza- The Essence of Flora

Get ready to have your breath taken away by the sublime blend of delicate floral embroidery and bold geometric trellis pattern on these 3 PC suits. The soft and vibrant colors of these outfits will make you feel like the star of the show, wherever you go. 

Whether you’re celebrating a day with your gal pals or heading for a function at night, these pieces will elevate your look in both situations. And let’s not forget about the lightweight and breathable fabric that’ll keep you cool and comfy no matter what. 

So why wait? Add these must-have pieces to your wardrobe and slay the season in style!

Trellis Prints, Delicate Florals, and Woodsy Jafferies- Ride to a Whimsical Garden

It’s time to take a fresh start and get ready to bloom this season! Feast your eyes on the magical blend of magenta threads and deep tangerine shades advanced with bold botanical chiffon dupattas and cotton dyed pants, giving a mesmerizing impression that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. 

The intricate trellis prints, delicate florals, and woodsy jafferies in pastel shades will transport you to a whimsical garden, where the colors and prints of the season come to life. Wear them to a garden party, brunch with friends, or even a romantic date – these outfits are perfect for any occasion.

I was seriously contemplating buying their entire collection, but I managed to control myself and only bought a few (okay, maybe more than a few) pieces. And now, I’m ready to take on the spring season in Mughlia style. Thanks to Sana Safinaz, my search for the perfect dress ended in the most unexpected way possible!”


What struck me the most about the collection was the intricate design work that adorned each garment. With a focus on capturing the essence of nature sprinkling a touch of luxury in it, the collection featured an array of flora and fauna motifs that seemed to dance and come alive on the fabric. 

The versatile prints and quintessential spring/summer hues added an extra layer of vibrancy and elegance to the collection, making it perfect for any occasion.

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