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Reviewing Sennheiser HD 400S: Perfect for Music Aficionado

Whether a casual listener or an audiophile, the Sennheiser HD 400S headphones promise an enjoyable listening experience. Unparalleled comfort, intuitive controls, and pristine sound quality make it a good investment for budget-friendly audiophiles.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jul 24, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

18,999.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Limited noise isolation.
  • Non-detachable earpads.
  • Average build quality.

“The HD 400S: Unleashing great excellence in sound.” – A statement that perfectly captures the essence of Sennheiser’s HD 400S headphones. As an avid audiophile, I’ve always admired the consistent quality that this brand brings to the table, and the HD 400S is no exception.

Priced at just Rs. 19,000 in Pakistan, these budget-friendly over-ear headphones promise to deliver the renowned Sennheiser experience without breaking the bank. Let’s not delay further and discuss what makes these headphones a must-have for the music lover.

Sennheiser HD 400S: Lightweight Marvels

The design of the HD 400S speaks volumes about its purpose and practicality. Covered in a sleek black matte finish with the iconic Sennheiser logo tastefully placed, these headphones exude a sense of simplicity and elegance.

The lightweight construction and durable build of the headphones assure me of their long-lasting performance. A notable feature is the inclusion of R/L labeling, a thoughtful touch that enhances the user experience. And the package contains all the accessories users need without any unnecessary frills.

Sennheiser HD 400S: Comfort at its Finest

Slipping the HD 400S onto my head, I am immediately greeted with a comfortable and secure fit. The headband, similar to its predecessor, the HD 4.20, features a plastic frame with sliding, detented extenders. This design ensures a customizable fit for any head size. Adding thin padding on the headband’s underside enhances comfort and keeps the headphones securely in place during extended listening sessions.

The oval-shaped earcups are perfectly sized, providing a snug yet breathable fit. For me, they effortlessly encompass my ears, creating a seal that enhances the overall sound experience. The low-profile design and matte black finish give the headphones a modern and understated look, like some of the best headphones in the market.

Sennheiser HD 400S: Immersive Audio Delight

When it comes to audio quality, the HD 400S doesn’t disappoint. The overall sound signature can be described as clean, well-balanced, and versatile. The bass response strikes a delicate balance, offering impactful lows without overpowering other frequencies.

Whether I’m indulging in pop or classical music, the bass remains controlled and detailed without bleeding into the higher ranges. This precision allows for the nuances of string instruments to shine through, adding depth to the listening experience.


The soundstage of the HD 400S headphones is impressive, especially given its price. The headphones offer a spacious sound that creates a feeling of width, height, and depth, making the listening experience more immersive. The placement of instruments is precise, adding to the overall enjoyment of the music.


The midrange of the HD 400S impresses with its presence and clarity. Vocals take center stage, creating a full-flavored feel, especially in rock and pop rock genres. The separation between instruments is remarkable. Strums and picks of guitars sound precise and distinct, while the natural timbre of cellos captivates with its authenticity and depth.

High Frequencies

The high frequencies on the HD 400S offer an extended range, lending a delightful crispness to percussion in pop music. Sennheiser has struck a perfect balance, avoiding harsh brightness while maintaining transparency. Violin solos showcase a touch of smoothness and reveal intricate details without causing fatigue during prolonged listening sessions.

Sennheiser HD 400S: Compatibility and Intuitive Controls

The HD 400S boasts convenient compatibility and intuitive controls. The detachable cable, featuring a locking mechanism, ensures a secure connection to the earcups. With a length of 1.2m, the cable grants freedom of movement without tangling woes.

It has a built-in microphone and remote on the cable to facilitate seamless phone conversations. The standard 3.5mm connector makes it compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring versatility and ease of use.


Best for
Music Lovers


About the Brand
Sennheiser is one of the leading brands, manufacturing tech products, especially headphones for years now. It is one of the most successful brands in the world.

Final Verdict: A Sound Investment

Sennheiser HD 400S headphones deliver a remarkable audio experience at a reasonable price. With their lightweight design, comfortable fit, and durable build, these headphones are designed to accompany you on your musical journeys. The clean, well-balanced sound signature and spacious soundstage offer a listening experience that transcends expectations for its price range.

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality, the Sennheiser HD 400S is a worthy choice. Unlock the world of immersive audio without breaking the bank. I highly recommend visiting these accessories stores to purchase these headphones and enjoy cashback on your purchase from savyour. Let the HD 400S transport you into a sonic delight and elevate your music experience to new heights.


Color Black
Weight Lightweight
Driver Powerful driver
Water resistance No
Sound Balanced & Dynamic
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack

At a Glance:













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