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Reviewing the Secret to Crispy, Delicious Shami Kabab Masalas

National Shami kabab spice blend has a medium level of heat, which makes delicious and consistent Shami kababs every time. There are no additives or colorants added to this spice blend, which I really like about it.

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Updated Apr 19, 2023

Shami Kababs are not just average, run-of-the-mill snacks. They’re something special. Something I can’t help but crave especially when Eid ul-Fitr rolls around. The kababs are always so nostalgic, bringing back childhood memories.

How do I describe what shami kababs taste like? Oh! There is just something about the way the spicy flavoring makes these kababs irresistible. And don’t get me started on how amazing it tastes when paired with daal chawal or biryani. Even if I am bored of having it as a side dish, it always finds a way around to win my heart. I love shami kabab sandwiches. To make these sandwiches, all I need is some bread, tomatoes, and lettuce, and yummy sandwiches ready to munch on are on my plate.

Shami kababs are enjoyed by everyone, regardless of whether these are made at home or store-bought. These kababs are made from ground meat, usually lamb or beef, mixed with spices and then formed into patties. The meat is cooked until it is tender and then served with a variety of dipping sauces.

I like to cook my shami kababs at home but I also do not like to spend a million hours in the kitchen. So, in the quest to find the right spice blend, I tried out the following brands, and rated them based on additives information, packaging options and consistency in spice blends, offering Shami kabab masala and here’s my take on them.

On my Way to Make Delicious Shami Kabab

Shan Shami Kabab Masala


  • Limited packaging options

Shan Shami kabab spice blend makes scrumptious, spicy kababs with the same great richness of flavor throughout decades. This blend of spices makes consistently flavorful kababs every time, and with no additives, these are crowd favorites.

National Shami Kabab Masala


  • Might contain gluten
  • Limited packaging options

National shami kabab spice blends are handpicked, freshly grounded and stored. This blend has medium spicy flavoring and does not overpower the meat and lentils’ earthy taste.

Malka Shami Kabab Masala


  • Limited packaging options
  • Not well-grounded
  • Comes in non-biodegradable packaging

Made with Himalayan pink salt, and no additives, these were a must try in my list. Malka shami kabab masala has moderately spiced flavoring. This blend made absolutely delicious kababs, however I found spices to be not well-grounded as per my liking.

Mehran Shami Kabab Masala


  • Lacks consistency
  • Comes in a non-biodegradable packaging

This spice blend is flavorful without being too spicy, and the kababs made with Mehran shami kabab masala turned out delicious. The only downside is that the spice packet can be a bit inconsistent – sometimes the spices are not well-grounded together, which can affect the flavor of the dish.


What is Shami Kabab made of?

Shami Kabab is a type of kabab made in combination with multiple spices, meat, and lentils. Once cooked, the mixture is ground and then made into a patty and fried until crisp on the outside.

Is Shami Kabab and Kofta the same?

No, Shami Kabab and Kofta are not the same. Kofta is a meatball, made of minced meat only. Shami kabab is made with meat and lentils.

Is Shami Kabab keto-friendly?

Yes, Shami Kababs are keto-friendly. One of the best things about Shami Kababs is that they’re relatively low in carbs. One kabab has only 4 grams of carbs, making them a perfect option for those on a keto diet.