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Sher Dil By J. Fragrances – A Tribute To Pakistan Air Force

Sher Dil by J. Fragrances has a fantastic scent and luxurious packaging. It is truly a tribute to the Pakistan Air Force and a must-have for anyone looking for a high-end perfume.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jun 08, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

10,500.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • It may not be affordable for everyone.

On a hunt for a luxury scent? Look no further!

I have always been a sucker for unique scents, and when I came across Sher Dil by J. Fragrances while shopping for perfumes, I knew I had to try it out. It is a luxury perfume that captivated me with its trail of citrus and woody notes. I instantly re-lived the night I had proposed to my lovely (now) wife.

Get enamored by its notes!

Discover Sher Dil, one of the olfactory treasures offered by J. perfumes and find the perfect scent to express your individuality. As soon as I applied it, I could smell the top notes of bergamot, orange, mandarin, lemon, and green apple. When it toned down, it was a perfect blend consisting of the hearty notes of black currant, rose, jasmine, freesia, lily of the valley, wallflower, and pepper, that lingered for a while. The base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, oakmoss, amber, leather, and musk are the perfect end to this fantastic scent journey. I am truly obsessed!

Full points to the packaging!

What I really love about Sher Dil is that it is a long-lasting perfume. I applied it in the morning and could still smell it at night. One hundred points to J. Fragrances! Moreover, its packaging is lovely. I saw it and knew I had to buy it because of its packaging. 

It comes with an eagle imprinted on top of a blue box. Inside the box are two items – firstly, the blue perfume bottle with a golden cap, on top of which is a small statue of an eagle; secondly, there is a keychain in the shape of an airplane which comprises a compass. Now that’s what I call attention to detail!

Fast Facts

Bottle size
100ml Bottle

Fragrance for


How to Apply
To prolong this fragrance, spray Sher Dil by J. Fragrances onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears and neck).

Best for

About the Brand
J. Fragrances were introduced in 2003 and offers both luxury and affordable men, women, and unisex perfumes. J. Fragrances have the best quality packaging and international standard production set up in Pakistan.

Top Note
Bergamot, Orange, Mandarine, Lemon, Green Apple.

Middle Note
Black Currant, Rose, Jasmine, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Wallflower, Pepper.

Base Note
Cedarwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Amber, Leather, Musk.

Ending Note

If you’re looking for an amazing scent and are not worried about the price, I highly recommend Sher Dil by J. Fragrances. Moreover, I am in love with its bottle, and it would make a beautiful gift, so you can also consider gifting it to your loved ones. All in all, it’s worth checking out!

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