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A Deep Cheesy Dive: My Review of Sobremesa

Sobremesa is known for its absolutely mouth-watering food including its signature Deep Dish Pizza. Other than that, the service is good but a little slow and the ambience is gorgeous. However, the price is high so it is not for everyone.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

You can call me a foodie adventurer, blazing a trail through the culinary wilderness of Pakistani food, Fast Food, Chinese delicacies, Continental delights, and the wonderful realm of beverages. Just so you don't have to!

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Updated Sep 18, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The price is high

It’s that time of year, folks! 

The magic of the wintry mist has started permeating the auburn doom and gloom of the autumn. There’s something in the air! I can almost feel it. November’s almost at an end, and December’s on the horizon, just peeking behind the mountains of time. 

Can you imagine? Just one month left! After that, we’ll be entering an entirely new year full of accomplishments and setbacks. The thought alone leaves me quivering with fear and excitement.

I’ll be looking back quite fondly at 2022. I’ve experienced some significant highs as well as some plunging lows. But that’s what makes it such a memorable year. It’s always the most extreme emotions that stay with you.

Just like my Spotify-wrapped playlist (which I won’t be sharing, thank you very much), I’m inclined to present a reel of the highlights of my year. And one of them for me was to visit to the best pizza place. I went there to Sobremesa to celebrate my birthday with six other friends. Even though it was back in February, the feelings associated with that place are still crystal clear before my eyes.

There has to be something special about Sobremesa and the pizza there that has persisted for so long in my memory. What is that? Well, read on the pizza review to find out!

Food: An Overload of Cheese

There’s a great reason to visit Sobremesa. Are you ready for it? The Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. Karachiites come from far and wide only to grace their tongues with the deep richness of these bad boys. And what a meal these deep-dish pizzas are! Words fall short of my appreciation for them.

I was left in a trance once I caught sight of a picture of the Classic pizza on the menu it reminded me of Broadway’s pizza. That’s what I went ahead with! It was oh-so-delicious. A crazy mix of grilled chicken and crumbled chicken sausage, nothing about this dish isn’t worth praising. Every ingredient truly brings its A-game, and the result is nothing short of heavenly.

For a hotter taste, go for the Chicago Fire Pizza. Pro Tip: Keep water close at hand (you’ll be thanking me later). The chicken is hot and spicy. Then, a rich assortment of herbs and vegetables, including green capsicum chili and sauteed onion, are used. The pizza has a particular flair with its rich garlic ranch sauce and creamy chipotle (a specialty of Sobremesa).

And our taste buds didn’t receive a reprieve even at that point. We were on a mission. To taste the absolute crème de la crème of Sobremesa.

With gritted teeth and a half-empty stomach, we poured hungrily over the menu card once again. Our eyes landed instantly on the loaded fries sections, specifically on one flavor. Want to know which one was it? The Fries on Fire! The more I try to describe the look and taste of these fries, the more I drool over my laptop. We wouldn’t want that now, do we?

Still, pardon my suffering for the time being. It can wait. The Fries on Fire could not. We attacked them ferociously as soon as they were at our table. In the end, the Fries on Fire could not survive our devouring. Their tastefulness was their downfall! But that’s what you get when you drown fries in melted cheese and spicy mayo sauce. Topping this wonderful concoction with spicy fried chicken and pickle is enough to sway even the most strong-willed naysayers.

Well, we didn’t abandon our sweet tooth at that point. We had already come so far; no reason to stop now. So we soldiered on! It was the Goey Silk Lava Cake that caught our attention. Yes, it is as delicious as the name makes it out to be! One well-placed cut into the cake’s heart was all it took to spill the silky goodness. And a single bite of the lava-drenched cake released took me to the seventh heavens. 

There you have it, people! Let’s be honest here. Do mere words describing the fast food not make your tummy rumble with hunger? And let me tell you something, the actual dishes are ten times better than my ramblings! Do not waste time procrastinating. Run to Sobremesa as fast as your legs can carry you!

Price: Worth the Price of Admission

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change. The current prices are dated 28 November 2022. (As per the official website of Sobremesa).

Our cumulative order was:

  • Classic Deep Dish (Medium): PKR 1545
  • Chicago Fire Pizza (Large): PKR 2295
  • Fries on Fire: PKR 595
  • Goey Silk Lava Cake: PKR 545

The price is high! But, you know, it’s difficult to stay mad at the price for very long when the flavor of the food still lingers on in your mouth. And that’s without mentioning the generous serving size. There were seven of us. One of my friends had already visited the place earlier. According to her, one medium and one large would be enough. She was not wrong!

We split the bill equally, and the per-person cost is manageable. The sales tax invoices should have been given to us by the management. The lack of receipt seemed unprofessional. No complaints.

Service: Friendly But Slow

The service time was a little slow, with a rough 30-40 minute wait before you get to taste it! When we entered, the restaurant was empty. We were the first ones! Still, it’s quite a mystery why it took so long to prepare the food.

However, on a more positive note, the staff were well-trained and adequately groomed. The waiters were fluent in English and could correspond very well. Their recommendations regarding what to order were definitely on point! They were the ones who suggested the Goey Silk Lava Cake.

Ambiance: Can’t Go Wrong With Black

Sobremesa is the epitome of a well-renowned restaurant in Karachi. The area is spacious, and the seats are comfortable for sitting. The restaurant has tables to accommodate both couples and large groups. Furthermore, the black theme gives off a classy vibe to the restaurant’s overall atmosphere. Did I mention that it is ideal for indoor and outdoor photography sessions?

However, I found that the washrooms needed to be more in quantity. There was only one for men and one for women. It’d be challenging to meet the demand during peak hours. Other than that, the washroom was quite pleasant and well-lit.

Another downside for Sobremesa was that it’s on quite a deserted street. Taking into consideration the current condition of the city, that’s problematic. Even though there is a security guard present, I’d advise you to be vigilant and take precautions. Do not wander off in the middle of the day, flashing your shiny mobile phones to take pictures—no reason to look for unnecessary trouble.

Honorable Mentions: More Than Just Pizza

If you still haven’t moved on from the Deep Dish Pizza, you can taste many other flavors to satiate your cravings. From the Southwestern Beef Sausage Pizza to the Spicy Mexican Fajita Pizza to the Crazy Sobremesa, there’s an entire host of authentic western and fusion flavors for you!

But if you’re scanning this review for my opinion on other items on the menu, I’ve got you covered!

Even though Sobremesa is primarily known for its Deep Dish pizza, a whole assortment of cuisines is available. Everything you’d want, from seafood to tacos to beef steaks. Check the online menu card before you visit. There’s more to Sobremesa than just pizza, you know!

If you want my advice, go for the Smoking Cheese Burger. At PKR 895, it’s a bit heavy on the pocket. But the lava cheese sauce poured generously over the burger is worth it!

For vegetarians, there are salad options available. The Caesar Salad looked particularly enticing, but so did the Barbacoa Beef Salad with its Balsamic dressing.

Final Verdict:

You have your reasons, folks! Choose whichever has inspired your imagination, from the cheesy and creamy menu to the excellent service to the photogenic atmosphere. Use it to plan your next day out.

I guarantee you will be satisfied! 

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