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Reviewing Sony MDR-ZX110AP: Budget-Friendly Sound Companion

Sony MDR-ZX110AP offers an affordable and reliable pair of headphones for everyday use. The balanced sound signature, adequate bass response, and lightweight construction make them a perfect companion for music lovers on a budget.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jul 24, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

4,499.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Flimsy build quality
  • Lack of instrument separation
  • Limited noise isolation.

As an avid music lover and frequent traveler, I understand the importance of having a reliable pair of headphones that deliver quality audio without breaking the bank. The Sony MDR-ZX110AP caught my attention with its affordable price tag and the promise of Sony’s renowned audio expertise.

These headphones are available for Rs. 4,499 at xcessorieshub and are a suitable choice for people on a budget. Through this review, I will provide insights from my personal experience with these headphones and evaluate whether or not they meet the standards expected of their respected brand.

Design & Comfort of Sony MDR-ZX110AP

The Sony MDR-ZX110AP showcases an attractive, sleek design that gives the impression of a more expensive headphone. However, upon closer inspection, the plastic construction reveals its budget-friendly nature. While the headphones may not boast the sturdiest build quality, they do offer a unique folding mechanism that allows for compact storage when not in use.

The lack of padding on the headband is a drawback in terms of comfort, but the lightweight design of just 132g ensures that they won’t exert excessive pressure on my head. The decent padding on the ear cups allows for extended wear without discomfort, although the headphones & head can get a bit warm after prolonged use.

Durability & Build of Sony MDR-ZX110AP

In terms of durability, the MDR-ZX110AP falls short with its all-plastic construction. The headphones exhibit a flimsy feel, and the thin headband raises concerns about its longevity. The folding hinges, while offering convenience for storage, don’t inspire confidence in their long-term durability. Additionally, the earpads utilize thin foam and plastic materials prone to wear and tear over time. It’s essential to handle these headphones with care to ensure they last.

Audio Quality of Sony MDR-ZX110AP

Considering the affordable price range, these Sony headphones surprised me with their commendable audio performance. This affordable audio accessory offered a well-balanced sound signature across the frequency response, with a modest boost in the lower frequencies that adds warmth to the overall sound.

The bass reproduction is tight and works well with most genres, although it may lack the punch and extension required for modern bass-heavy tracks. The midrange presents balanced lower and slightly boosted upper regions, resulting in natural and full vocals.

However, fine details and instrument separation may be lacking in busier tracks. The treble exhibits good balance and extension but may lose clarity and definition in more complex musical compositions.

Controls & Noise Isolation of Sony MDR-ZX110AP

The Sony MDR-ZX110AP keeps it simple with basic wired functionality, lacking additional controls, remote control, volume adjustment, or a detachable cable. And these headphones are compatible with any device supporting a 3.5mm audio jack.

While the passive noise isolation provided by the on-ear design is decent, it may not completely block out background noise, making them more suitable for commuting rather than noisy environments. It’s worth noting that these headphones do leak sound, so be mindful of your surroundings and the privacy of your audio content.


Best for
Affordability & Music


About the Brand
Sony is a leading brand, manufacturing tech products and providing other services for decades. It is one of the most premium brands in the world.

Final Verdict: Sony MDR-ZX110AP

In conclusion, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP offers a budget-friendly option for those seeking a reliable pair of headphones with decent audio quality. While the design and build may feel flimsy, the lightweight construction and folding mechanism provide convenience for storage and portability.

Considering the price range, the audio performance, with its balanced sound signature and adequate bass response, is impressive. However, the lack of fine details, instrument separation in busier tracks, and the potential loss of treble clarity in complex compositions are limitations to consider.

If you prioritize affordability and acceptable audio quality for everyday use, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is worth considering. I recommend visiting accessory stores at Savyour for the best deals on all accessories & mobile phones. They offer many products to complement your audio experience and provide significant discounts to save you money.


Color Black/White
Weight 120gm
Driver 30mm
Water resistance No
Sound Balanced
Connectivity 3.5mm Jack

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