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Sony WI-C200 Neckband Review: Run with your Music

Sony WI-C200 is an excellent choice for those seeking a portable audio device with stunning sound quality, long battery life, and reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jul 24, 2023

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Starting From

11,999.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Long, dangling cables.

Oh boy, another Sony audio accessory! As a self-proclaimed audio enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a wide range of Sony products, and today I’m excited to dive into the Sony WI-C200 neckband-style wireless earbuds. Sony has always been synonymous with exceptional audio quality and cutting-edge technology, and these are no exception.

From the moment I unboxed them, I was greeted with a sleek design and promise of high-quality sound, much like the exceptional Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones and Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds that I have been impressed with in the past. And the best part is you can get Sony WI-C200 at a price of Rs. 11,999 from Sony’s flagship brand store on Daraz; by using Savyour, you can also enjoy cashback on your purchase.

Sony WI-C200 Neckband: Design and Fit

The Sony WI-C200 earbuds offer a fairly comfortable in-ear experience. The tiny bud size and shallow insertion ensure they don’t apply excessive pressure to my ears. The lightweight design adds to the comfort, but I must admit, the long cables can be a bit bothersome.

Nevertheless, Sony provides three different tip sizes, allowing me to find the perfect fit. However, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them for extended periods, as in-ear headphones can sometimes become uncomfortable over time.

The earbuds feature a simple yet flexible neckband design. The rubber-coated cables, while a tad thin, do the job well. However, they don’t exude durability like some other Sony models. The plastic modules feel fragile, but on the bright side, the magnetic buds help with cable management. When it comes to style, these Sony neckband sticks to the basics, offering black and white color options that suit any attire.

Sony WI-C200 Neckband: Features and Controls

The WI-C200 boasts a straightforward in-line remote with a user-friendly 3-button scheme. With these buttons, I can easily play/pause my music, take calls, and even trigger my device’s voice assistant with a double tap.

Volume controls are also available, and I appreciate the audio cues when skipping tracks or adjusting the volume. A clear voice prompt guides me during the pairing process, adding a helpful touch. My only minor gripe is that the buttons feel a bit mushy, lacking the satisfying tactile feedback I prefer.

Sony WI-C200 Neckband: Sound Quality

Equipped with 9mm driver units, the WI-C200 delivers a clear and punchy sound. Whether I’m indulging in pop hits, classical concertos, or jazz solos, the audio performance remains dynamic with deep bass, crisp treble, and outstanding clarity. Achieving an air-tight seal with the provided tips ensures consistent bass and treble delivery.

Speaking of bass, these audio accessories excel in that department. They produce an impressive bass response with a low-frequency extension down to 10Hz. However, there’s a slight underemphasis in the low-bass range, resulting in a slightly reduced thump.

Alternatively, the high-bass range is overemphasized by 3dB, adding boominess and muddiness. If you enjoy a deep bass sound, you may want to consider the JBL Tune 125BT for its JBL Pure Bass feature, which is aimed at appealing to bass enthusiasts.

Moving on to the mid-range, the WI-C200 performs admirably. Vocals and lead instruments are accurately reproduced, although a slight dip in the mid-mid range pushes them toward the back of the mix. Nonetheless, this minor dip doesn’t significantly affect the overall listening experience.

In terms of treble, these earbuds shine. With a well-balanced and even response of up to 5kHz, the WI-C200 provides good clarity and detail. However, there’s a dip centered around 8kHz, followed by a sharp bump at 10kHz. This can result in a lack of brightness in certain frequencies and overly sharp and piercing sibilants (S and Ts). It’s worth noting that treble perception varies from person to person, so your experience may differ.

Sony WI-C200 Neckband: Battery Life and Connectivity

The WI-C200 supports Bluetooth 5.0, offering a stable connection within a reasonable range. While they lack NFC and the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously, Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility enhances the overall wireless experience.

However, it’s important to mention that with 211ms of latency, these earbuds may not be the best choice for watching video content or gaming, as there can be noticeable audio delays. Nevertheless, some apps and devices compensate for this latency, minimizing its impact.

The WI-C200 provides approximately 15 hours of battery life on a single charge. This endurance ensures they last through an entire workday without any worries. However, the charging time is a bit lengthy, taking around two hours to recharge fully. Unfortunately, these earphones lack power-saving features, so remember to turn them off when not in use to conserve battery life.


Best for

Battery life
15 hours 

About the Brand
Sony is a leading brand, manufacturing tech products and providing other services for decades now. It is one of the most premium brands in the world.

Final Verdict

The Sony WI-C200 wireless earphones provide an immersive and enjoyable audio experience in a portable and sleek design. While the comfort may not be ideal for extended wear, they offer a decent fit for most listening sessions.

The sound quality, with its deep bass, accurate mid-range, and detailed treble, caters well to various music genres. The battery life ensures long-lasting performance, and the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity provides a stable connection.

The Sony WI-C200 is an excellent option for those looking for a portable audio device to wear around their neck, as it is one of the top neckbands currently available.


Color Black
Weight 19 gm
Charging Time 3 hrs
Water resistance No
Battery life 15 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

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