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My Diagon Alley: A Review of Studio 7teas

Studio 7teas is a fantastic restaurant that offers delicious food. The prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent. The atmosphere inside is warm and cozy, perfect for spending time with family or friends. The rooftop setting adds a nice overall touch.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

You can call me a foodie adventurer, blazing a trail through the culinary wilderness of Pakistani food, Fast Food, Chinese delicacies, Continental delights, and the wonderful realm of beverages. Just so you don't have to!

With my fork as my compass and my stomach as my guide, I’ve discovered some of the country’s most delectable delights. Join me on this journey, and get ready for a wild ride!

Updated Mar 14, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Long waiting time
  • Limited parking

Well, folks, let me tell you a tale of pure, unadulterated love that has stood the test of time. I’m talking about a place that’s so special that it’s like a world of its own. 

And that place, my friends, is Studio 7teas!

Yes, you heard it right; Studio 7teas is the object of my affection and the place I would happily call my second home.

So, buckle up, buttercups; it’s time to take a trip to my favorite studio!

Taste: Singaporean Splendor

Ah, the Chicken Singaporean Rice – a dish that brings tears of joy to my eyes and a smile every time I take a bite. It’s a love affair that has lasted for years and shows no signs of slowing down.

I was skeptical the first time I tried it, but one bite hooked me. It perfectly combines tender, juicy chicken, silky noodles, and fluffy, fragrant rice.

They’re all drenched in a creamy pinkish sauce with a balance of sweet and savory flavors, with just a hint of spice. The sauce is the show’s real star, adding a creamy richness to the dish that takes it to the next level. It’s like a warm, comforting hug in a bowl; I can never get enough! 

Every bite left me in a state of pure bliss.

Price: Saying Yes without Breaking the Bank

The price of Chicken Singaporean Rice is PKR 490, and let me tell you that it’s well worth it. The serving size is generous enough to be shared by a couple of people, so it’s perfect for a date night or just a cozy evening with friends!

Service: Not all Smiles

The best part about Studio 7teas is the service. Every staff member always smiles and ensures I’m taken care of – whether asking me if I need anything else or just checking that I’m enjoying my meal.

The only downside is that the waiting time can be a bit long; sometimes, the food takes up to 30 minutes to arrive. But that’s only a small price to pay for the tasty dishes they serve!

Plus, if you’re in a hurry, you can always order online and deliver your meal to your doorstep. 

Studio 7teas does not have enough parking space available. So, if you plan to drive down, leave home with plenty of time to find suitable parking.

Ambience: Something for Everyone

Stepping into Studio 7teas is like sipping the finest Darjeeling tea – an experience that keeps you warm and cozy. 

It’s on the top of a building, so you don’t have to worry about the noisy traffic sounds interfering with your conversations. The interior is nice and modern, with interesting wall art and well-lit tables and chairs – perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family.

They also play live music, and some underground bands often pay a visit. It’s the perfect spot for youngsters who love to groove to funky beats in the heart of town.

And if you’re a sports enthusiast, a screen on the rooftop shows cricket and football matches!

Honorable Mentions: Sandwiches Never Let you Down

I present the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, a dish perfect for those who crave something light yet satisfying.

The first bite is like a burst of sunshine on your palate, with the juicy, succulent chicken taking center stage. The meat is perfectly grilled, with a crispy exterior that gives way to a tender, juicy interior, making every bite a delight. The seasoning is just right, enhancing the chicken’s natural flavor without overpowering it.

The sandwich has a delicate balance of fresh, crisp greens, juicy tomatoes, and a creamy and tangy spread, adding a touch of brightness to the dish. 

The soft and pillowy bread is the perfect vessel to hold all these flavors together, making every bite a harmonious combination of textures and flavors.

Final Verdict

So, escape the mundane and enter a world of love, laughter, and lip-smacking food with Studio 7teas! 

And trust me, you’ll fall in love just like I did and never look back.

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